Monday, October 12, 2009


Ahem, how amazing were the shoes at McQueen?


That is all.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

In Which I Demonstrate That I Still Wear Clothes

Hi gang.

It's getting pretty freaking chilly out. My cold-weather uniform hasn't changed much from last fall. I wore this outfit to a comedy show at the campus coffee house. (Yes, I am the girl in the picture. I did not go to college and get a sex change.)

(Hat: Target. Flannel: Target men's. Faux leather jacket: H&M.)

The cool part of this photo is that I didn't tweak the lighting or coloring at all. My crappy phone camera just came through for once.

What has changed is that instead of wearing my motorcycle boots (don't worry, they're still a staple of my footwear collection), I wore these adorable suede All Stars purchased, as apparently most of my outfit was, from Target. I love them. So comfy, too.

Another part of the outfit that isn't visible in the picture is these great Rivet De Cru jeans that I was sent to review over the summer. I've been meaning to write about them for ages, 'cause they'd win hands-down in a coolness battle with all my other jeans. Seriously. I mean, they have black studs on them, a laid-back grey color, and a perfect fit. Well, now that I've had them hemmed at least. My legs aren't that long. Sheesh. I'm not Chanel Iman. Or Iman, for that matter. I'm pretty sure each of those models has legs the length of my entire body.

Eh? Eh? Check out them studs on the seam above the pockets. Ain't life grand?

Actually, ain't fashion grand? I mean, have you seen the results of this current Fashion Month? I knew something was up when I was staring at for hours, muttering phrases involving the words "stunning" and "want" over and over again.