Saturday, July 25, 2009

That Mystery Girl

Hi gang.

I am occupied by a mystery.

A few years ago, a friend of mine (who was in Spain at the time) mailed me a letter. Inside the letter, she enclosed a cut-out from a magazine she had recently flipped through. The cut-out looked like this:

Now, you wouldn't think this was anything special unless you knew what I looked like. But as it turns out, the model in the ad is the spitting image of me. I mean seriously, I'm sure her nose is smaller than mine if you look at it from the side (she is a model after all), but from the way she looks in this picture, we could be twins. In fact, a good friend of mine once saw the ad sitting on my desk and scolded me for failing to tell them I had been doing modeling. Which I hadn't. But you get the idea.

Anyway, I tried to look up the model, but I couldn't even read the name of the brand the ad was for. So I gave up. But I rediscovered this ad in a pile of papers earlier this week, and today I saw a girl in a Stussy shirt in August's Nylon and realized that Stussy was in fact the mystery brand.

Stussy turns out to have a fairly comprehensive website full of old ads, most of which I like a whole lot. It's actually worth a look, what with campaigns shot by the likes of Juergen Teller, Kenneth Cappello, and Terry Richardson.

But alas - the girl with the parrot is not to be found. She is remains an enigma.

Anyone know who she is? Any ideas?


izzit said...

Contact Stussy, find out which ad agency did that ad. Then contact the ad agency, find out which modeling agency they use. Then contact the modeling agency, ask if they could contact the model?
(Enclose a picture of yourself that shows the resemblance.) codi said...

The ads are great. They display the fashion amazing.

- Angel - said...

if you resemble the girl in the picture then you must look really gorgeous! ^o^

Snow said...

If it was taken a few years ago, the model in the photo would probably look older now and that make it harder to find her. She does look like you alot though!

July26Twins said...

I just discovered your site and I love it. i will be following you. Best, July26Twins

thais said...

Her name´s Monique Olsen ( the first pic )
she´s brazilian. jennifer :) said...

Kori, please post more!!!! I LOVE your blog, and i miss the more frequent postings!

传斌 said...
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AMIT said...

She is lovely girl with a parrot but sorry cant help you as i too dont know.

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Flora said...

What izzit said sounds exactly right. Stussy might even do some of the legwork for you. I've beeen searching online for companies who specialise in researching old ads, but haven't really found anything. Thanks for the tip on Stussy ads!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

'thais' was right... her name is monique olsen. you can see the picture here:

Kori said...

Thanks to everyone, and especially thais, who was definitely right. Monique Olsen only looks like me in a few pictures, but there is sometimes a startling likeness.

Kori said...

Thanks to everyone, and especially thais, who was definitely right. Monique Olsen only looks like me in a few pictures, but there is sometimes a startling likeness.

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workhard said...

Those ads are real nice.. i like the second one the best..

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