Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Swapping It Up

The clothing swap/Boston blogger mixer on Thursday was positively epic. I started the night a bit bedraggled due to the intense wind that determinedly buffeted my hair around and blew up my dress as I trudged around Porter Square.

I wore a dress from Nordstrom, my trusty Steve Madden combat boots, and Target socks. My studded bag is Nine West.

My friend Elizabeth braved the wind with me as well, but somehow she managed to look fresh and neat by the time we got to the swap location. Unfair!

The blogger mixer was fun, but the real excitement was the swap! We spent a few hours gazing over the balcony at the calm before the storm.

...and then the swap started. It was an absolute madhouse. The rows and rows of racks were devoid of clothes within minutes. Every time I blinked, I swear some item I was eying disappeared. It was all gone so fast!

So what did I score? Here are the highlights:

A long gray loosely woven sweater, layered lace top, and printed tunic.

Pink skirt by 120% Lino, Elie Tahari printed top, and H&M tunic.

My favorite item was the skirt. Just look at the gorgeous detailing!

In addition to swapping, there were a few vendors in attendance. I was gifted the raddest belt by Proxy Apparel. It's made of soda can tabs and is both 100% recycled and 100% fair trade. I was a huge fan of all the things Proxy had to sell, especially when I found out their mission is "to empower and employ women in a sweatshop-free sustainable world." So cool.

As the evening wound down, the bloggers gathered in a makeshift dressing area to put together outfits made of swap items. It was not easy! We then walked the runway to the cheers of watching swappers. It was an experience, to say the least. Lots of smiles.

Elizabeth's outfit consisted solely of swap items. It was very '70s.

My outfit was entirely swapped too. And yes, that is a jacketless hood on my head. No big.

Phew, what a night! We left tired but happy. Check out The Swapaholics on flickr to see more snaps from the night, including the chaos of the swap itself, the amazing looks put together by other bloggers, and a photo of me on the runway in which my face looks like a grandmother's.


WendyB said...

I love the description "jacketless hood." That's fab.

Nosheen Tabasam said...

really nice web........very cute..........


Angel said...

YES! That skirt is my fave too, so gorgeous and feminine. Love your blog, come stop by mine some time xxx


Ashley said...

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replica handbags said...

i love the print and how you matched your dress to your boots + stockings....what bag were you using?
anyways, over all outfit - it's cool fun. i love it!

Becca [Free Honey] said...

Hi Kori! It's a shame we didn't get to meet at the blogger mixer and swap. I completely remember you from that evening because I loved your dress and meant to tell you, but I guess I just got caught up in everything and missed you! We'll have to be sure to meet at the next boston blogger event.

Kori said...

WendyB - Why, thank you!

Nosheen Tabasam - Thanks!

Angel - Thank you! I'll definitely stop by.

Ashely - Thanks. I'll check out your site and get back to you.

replica handbags- My bag was Nine West, but I'm also clutching a Boston Fashion Week Sip 'n Swap tote bag in most of the photos.

Becca - What a shame! I'll catch you next time! And thanks for the dress compliment :)

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Moe said...

I love the outfit you wore to the event! That dress is so cool..I am into dark floral patterns right now. I also looove the blog, just found it tonight. You can guarantee I'll be following it now :)

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Davis Holmgren said...

So that's how swap locations work, huh? That seems cool. I wonder if they hold such events in Calgary. My wife frequents that city because of its fashion. The dresses, the models, the shows -- she likes them all. In fact, she describes the fashion industry there as dynamic, high-end, and out of the box.

Ramona said...

That sounds like a really cool event you went to. I am new at blogging and I wish I knew about such fun events! Looks like you had a great time. Keep posting great entries!