Wednesday, June 8, 2011


You guys. You GUYS! So here's the deal: I know I barely ever write here anymore. And I'm sorry; that's kind of crappy of me. But I'm about to make it up to you by sharing what may henceforth be known as The Best Find Ever. Laugh all you want, but it will change your life.

(Yes, I am still as melodramatic as ever. Learn to love it!)

Anyway, if you've been following me over on Tumblr, you may have noticed that I have consistently been posting ethnic-inspired accessories. Specifically, ethnic-inspired bags. Here are a few examples:




Well, I kind of thought it was impossible to find bags like these without a) traveling to a foreign country, b) spending a lot of money, or c) buying something from Forever 21 that's vaguely sequin-y and pom-pom-y and looks like it's glue-gunned together. However, my assumptions were shaken to their very cores when I stumbled upon a new (to me) online store called Asian iCandy. I've seen a lot of sites that remind me of Asian iCandy, so I wasn't immediately excited. But then...then I browsed their accessories section, and I hit a jackpot. The site carries a line called Miya, which is exactly what I've been looking for. Reasonably priced, unique, and gorgeous, the line includes bags like the ones below:





Pretty, right?! The last two are my favorites.

A quick Google search uncovered the Miya website, where many more styles are available. The bags, claims Miya, feature design inspiration "from the traditional Miao culture, which is one of the minority nationalities in China." Well, that's pretty cool - I'm sold!

I truly share these handbags with you out of the kindness of my heart, since I can't really let myself indulge in them. A thorough cleaning of my room has revealed that I have way too many bags. Seriously, I just had to give away a bunch of bags that I love solely because I have nowhere to put them. It's a sickness, and thus I have created a new rule for myself: I can't buy a new handbag unless I give one of my collection away. Perhaps the next time I get rid of a handbag it will be gifted to one of my readers. I've never done a giveaway before, and anyone who still reads this blog deserves a freaking medal for sticking with my worse-than-sporadic posting. I promise every bag in my collection is in good condition and totally worthy of someone who can show it some love! Any interest?

And speaking of love, I love you. Stay fly, grasshoppers.

The handbags pictured are available at or, except for the top three bags, which I have no idea how to purchase. However, the images are from here, here, and here, respectively.


Kate said...

ohhh they're gorgeous! I love the rucksack-y one! Swoon!! And that is such a good idea, definitely lots of interest coming from me! Can't wait to see your first giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Hey those are great.. I loved them all.. By the way great blog and nice post.. Cheers!

Lana said...

Wow, those are super cute! And a giveaway...yes yes yes!

Mia's Little Corner said...

Oh I'm sooo in love with these "hippie bags"!! They're beautiful!!:D

Stop by some time:D


Andy said...

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Meaghan said...

This is a marvelous find! I love these bags. You have such a fabulous sense of style I wish you would continue posting on this blog! Keep up the great work.


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Good job!And those photos are super stunning! Wow! it's a great collection for each & every occasion. These look absolutely stunning, love your work. i like it very much.

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Strawberry Freckleface said...

Pretty and perfect.

strawberry freckleface

dahhlayne said...

Oh my! I love the detailing in these bags! And it's not just the detail but the use of color as well. Definitely love tribal bags because they always add a different exotic feel to any outfit. Oh goodness, I can slowly see myself getting a bag obsession as well.

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these bags are so pretty!! great post

Cathy of Eyelash Growth Products said...

Wow! I find this bags really cute. Great designs love its colors. Love them all.