Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mad Linkz, Yo

I know I've been horribly bad about updating lately, and I'm sorry. I have so many things I've been dying to show y'all (including the acquisition of a sweet faux leather jacket!), but I never quite seem to get around to it. Busy life and all of that. Anyway, I'll share some amazing links for now, and hopefully I'll have a post with some actual writing in it up soon.

♥ This is probably the best thing I've seen in a while. Seriously. I am absolutely blown away.

♥ Some crafty fashionistas have been hard at work lately. Care to make a hole-y scarf? A Wasson-esque harness? Some Alexander Wang-inspired chained jeans (another sweet option here)? Some kick-ass tights? A split belt? A braided neck scarf/necklace/thing? Yes?

♥ Missbehave is going completely digital. Sad! This means that you should sign up for their Weekly Newsflash if you wanna stay on top of things. Also, read their rad blog, will ya?

Style Copycat does a really great job of breaking down trends into different categories of photographic inspiration. So much eye candy it's almost overwhelming.

♥ The way these boots are styled pretty much makes my life. Okay, I exaggerate a tad. But they do look fantastic, no?

This photo shoot is so, so great.  Embroidered patches, buttons, and denim? Yes please!

♥ The jewelry here makes me happy. Although to be perfectly truthful, the jewelry here will always come first in my heart. (Just not in real life where my price range does not allow for it.)

♥ Oh, hello, sleek modern-day version of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz!

♥ I really love Ellen von Unwerth. Especially when she does shoots of Liv Tyler that look like this.

♥ I just finished watching seasons one and  two of Skins here. The show is great. Check it out, if only for Cassie's wonderfully dreamy/girly style.

♥ I've really been appreciating Fake Karl lately, and this comic is very fashion, hmm?

22 reasons to love Stockholm. 

♥ Is it just me, or does Danny Roberts get better and better? His work is always amazing.

Alright, that's all for now. Can you tell I've been saving up for a post? I am infinitely grateful for the tag system on Google Reader.


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Lady D said...

Great post! Thanks for all those tips---love the diys :)

punky said...

awesome, I've been wanting to watch skins!

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