Saturday, August 21, 2010

Backpack Love

Hi, lovelies!

(photo via)

Last weekend I'm pretty sure I found Fashion Heaven. Not High Fashion Heaven, mind you. Nothing neat or tidy. I'm talking gritty, fun, exotic fashion. Messy and bursting with color. Bohemian. Overflowing from little shops out onto the street. Kensington Market in Toronto, folks, is Fashion Heaven indeed. The feel of the neighborhood alone had me hooked, but the jumble of vintage and Indian pieces for sale had me salivating with greed. Attractive, no?

I could've spent hours and hours there, but sadly I had to make it to the airport. I did, however, score a fantastic (Guatemalan?) woven backpack from a little army surplus store. Today I managed to snap some photos for you. Look how pretty it is! Loooove!




Wearing: Love on a Hanger tank via Nordstrom Rack (best cut tank ever!). Gap chambray skirt. Steve Madden combat boots. Urban Outfitters print belt. Forever 21 chandelier earrings. Army surplus backpack.

Off to school in four days! Summer's finally coming to a close. I'm simultaneously packing, savoring my final days at home, and excitedly anticipating the new school year. It's seriously busy around here! The only reason I had time for this post is because I am an expert procrastinator. Truth.


Jooey said...

i love your bag... and the belt, of coarse. great outfit.

aleina said...

This bag is very nice and beautiful.
Excellent post. Very valuable information! Congratulations.


silver costume jewellery said...

I love the backpack- such a unique item! Good luck for the school year!

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