Saturday, March 7, 2009

Statues 'n Plaid

Today, as I was walking around the sculpture park at the DeCordova Museum with my family, I stopped to pose with a statue for my own personal amusement. My dad whipped out his Blackberry to snap a photo, and it suddenly occurred to me that I haven't done an outfit post in a while. I was wearing my basic winter uniform of flannel, jeans, and boots, but I asked him to take a photo of the look for my blog so I can at least give you an idea of what I've been wearing these days. It's my version of sweatpants - cozy, comfy, and easy - but less frumpy. 

Not the best quality, but there you go. I'm wearing a men's flannel button-down from Old Navy over an Alternative Apparel tank, Delia*s jeans, Charles Albert motorcycle boots, and an H&M faux leather jacket. I'm carrying my Jumeau bag. The flannel and boots have seriously been my winter staples, because they are perfect for anything the New England weather might throw at them.

And because I love you guys, here's the initial Kori-posing-with-statue picture:

Instead of copying the statue's pose entirely, I amended the position to fit my lame sense of humor. Whereas her right hand is holding an apple, index finger extended, I have my right hand in the Spiderman manner. My left hand is not gracefully curved as the statue's is, but rather forcefully signaling forces of evil to stop in their tracks. Roar, justice is served.


Sherry said...

You always wear that outfit. The shirt, at least. Whenever I see royal blue buffalo plaid I think of you.

Designer Shoes Lover said...

I've been to that museum. Love that place. Also from Mass and know the difficulty in balancing chic with practical this winter!

Hannah said...

I love your outfit, and your blog. Thanks.

Mini & Mod said...

Cool blog and outfits and everything! I especially love your header, I'm a sucker for rainbowish things. Will you visit our blog? I tried clicking the send you an email to exchange links button...but this seems easier.

We're new and please ignore the latest post, it's just me being a big baby.

Well anyway, I def bookmarked you.

Happy fashion-ing.

susie_bubble said...

Loving the pose!

Punky said...

No link love for punkystyle...I just cried a little.

Anonymous said...


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Starting a Clothing Line said...

I actually really like that outfit. Especially the shirt, looks like a really great fit.

Kori said...

Sherry - I honestly wear that shirt far to often, haha.

Designer Shoes Lover - I love the sculpture garden and art library there!

Hannah - Thank you!

Mini & Mod - Thanks; I'll definitely check out your blog when I get a chance.

susie_bubble - It's not a pose; it's a crime-fighting stance! :P

punky - Huh? I don't get it...

Starting a Clothing Line - Thanks. It is a great fit!

Midgett Gray said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
M said...

Cute pose...great blog!

Robynne said...

Loving the plaid top! Super cute`

fashion on edge.. <3

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tracy said...

I am also planning to visit Decordova with my family. Well, nice outfit and the statue is also lovely.

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chef apron said...

same here sherry.. maybe its her trademark to wear the shirt.