Monday, February 26, 2007

The Perfect Look

No matter where I am, I always manage to find some sort of item of clothing or accessory that I covet. I tell myself that if I had that item, I would wear it, adore it, plan whole outfits around get the gist. As someone who is so interested in fashion, I always feel that my wardrobe is hopelessly inadequite. I want to trade with someone else, please.

And yet, I also have to wonder...what can I pull off? Some woman can put on the frumpiest grandma dress and turn it into a head-turning, eye-catching walking piece of art. I can't. I consider myself a confident person, but I don't have that "oh, i just rolled out of bed and slipped into this amazing outfit" air. If I wore some of the things worn by the brave and beautiful, it would just not look right. So here is the dilemna.

My most out-there outfit does not venture beyond the likes of the image on the upper left. I think I pull it off.
But could i pull off a bright, high-wasted pencil skirt with neon tights? or huge aviators and a vintage jumper with tall leather boots? Or am I just too afraid to try? We shall see...