Friday, March 2, 2007

Abaete and Lela Rose for Payless

I'm getting kinda psyched for Abaete and Lela Rose's collections for Payless. The Abaete collection is due to hit stores in March '07. As in this month. So get ready for a major shopping spree! The Lela Rose collection won't be available until Fall '07, but that gives us plenty of time to get excited.

The above pictures are my 2 favorite shoes from each collection. The Abaete shoes on the top left are funky, unique, and they have the spring bling-bling trend down flat. Whether I can walk in them is another story. The Abaete shoes on the bottom left are what I like to call retro-fabulous. I'm a big fan of flat boots because I refuse to put my feet in anything that will cause them pain (well, unless it's absolutely gorgeous). I could see these boots with a lot of current trends, like jumpers, tunics, retro dresses, and pretty spring dresses. These are my favorite shoes from the 2 collections, so I will be picking up a pair of these. Hey, the price is right! The Lela Rose collection includes some pretty nice shoes as well. The pair featured on the top right is adorable. I love the t-strap look, and I love how they are chunky, but still femenine. I may have to spring for these as well. The red pair beneath these is nice, too. I don't find it incredibly special, but, like most red pumps, it has that old Hollywood glamour appeal.

Just to show how awesome the boots are, I'm posting a picture I found of a girl wearing similar boots. The pic is from the flickr group Wardrobe Remix, and it was uploaded by liebemarlene.
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