Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Spy a DIY

I think my laziness (let's say it's summer-induced laziness, to save face if nothing else) has been compromised. The universe appears to be kicking my butt into gear.

Summer courses, the responsible things I really should be doing instead of sprawling on my bed with a stack of glossies, and a few exciting extras to be shared at later times have raised my stress level a bit. I mean, I'm not hugely busy, but if I didn't procrastinate so much, I would be. But such is life.

That's why it's so unfair that I've been itching to do some DIY projects. I don't really have the time, damnit! But I hope to do them just the same.

Firstly, the new denim issue of Nylon had a fairly easy DIY for these adorable denim romper shorts. Want 'em, must have 'em, will make 'em! The article isn't on Nylon's website, so you'll just have to trust me on this one.

Then, there's this picture of a blazer on the Urban Collection website:

Isn't it stunning? I'd like to think I can make one like it. A trip to the thrift store and craft store should do the truck, and I honestly think it shouldn't be too hard. It would be a piece of cake if I could use a glue gun to attach the silver buttons, but then I wouldn't be able to wash the blazer. I may suck it up an sew by hand; it should be worth it. A garment like that will definitely draw the right kind of stares!

I know, I know. I rarely do DIY projects on this blog, which is kind of strange considering I was ultra-crafty as a kid. I'm a nightmare with a sewing machine. But I'd like a chance to redeem myself, please!

Do you have any neat DIY ideas? Have you made anything really smashing lately? And more importantly, who wants to buy me the Urban Collection blazer to save me from ruining a thrift store one I attempted to spiff up when I should have been doing homework?


makemoremistakes said...

I've been the exact opposite of you- I've been DIYing my little heart out, but that's because it's summer and I finally have some time to relax! I look forward to seeing your creations when you do get time to do them!


makemoremistakes said...
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WendyB said...

Cool jacket. But yeah, I think it's better not to use glue.

savvyshopper67 said...

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Kori said...

makemormistakes - Well, better you than me anyway - you're much more talented in that regard!

wendyb - No arguments there!

savvyshopper67 - No more spam!!!!

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