Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Adventures of Jake: Shower Dilemma

I don't know how many of you know this (some of you might remember our twin photo shoot), but I have a twin brother. His name is Jake, and he's pretty awesome, at least most of the time. In the spirit of copying Winona (because let's face it; who doesn't want to copy Winona), I've asked him to do a guest post on my blog. Enjoy! And comment lots; it's his first ever blog post and I want it to be a good experience! He insists that this post is a piece of crap (it's not), so let's prove him otherwise!

Hi. My name is Jake, and I am Kori’s twin brother. Kori has been asking me to do a guest post on her blog for a bajillion years, and I’ve finally decided to come around and join the oh-so-wonderful blogging community. Before I begin, however, I think it is important to provide you guys with a warning. Unfortunately, I am saddened to admit that I do not have the same artistic talent that Kori has; I know very little about fashion. Occasionally I get it into my head that yes, maybe I really am fashionable, but Kori is always quick to put me in my place – for example, when she alerted me to the fact that the grey sweatpants-grey sweatshirt combo is actually a fashion don’t (despite the parallel in color). To put it succinctly, if it were not for Kori’s constant fashion advice, I would probably look like a crazy who belongs on the classic MTV hit, “Next.” (My sincere apologies to any fans). [Note from Kori: Ahem, Jake likes this show.]

So if fashion isn’t my thing, then why am I writing on The Fashion-y Blog? Well, for a graduation gift, I received a very fancy bottle of shower gel from L’Occitane. I have to admit, when I first received the gift I was a little disappointed – I didn’t even know what shower gel was. I’ve always been a soap and water kind of guy (call me traditional), so this whole “shower gel” technology was understandably a bit intimidating. I examined the golden brown bottle and took a sniff of the yellow-y, gel-like solution inside. It smelled fresh, organic, natural. . . one might say it was designed for those of pure and unadulterated masculinity (i.e. yours truly). As I peered questioningly at the gleaming bottle of goo, it occurred to me in a moment of brilliance that “shower gel” was most likely another, hipper way of saying shampoo. After all, what other kind of liquidy substance did one use in the shower? My limited experience told me that this bottle could only be meant for use on my head. Satisfied with my logic, I hopped into the shower, prepared to give my hair the wash of a lifetime. I squeezed some of the thick liquid into my hands, and attempted to turn the gel into a rich lather. However, when the gel refused to foam into a consistency I was used to, I realized that shower gel was not the hair product I had thought it to be; the great mystery lived on. I felt as if the world was collapsing before my very eyes, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Okay, that was a slight exaggeration, but the point remains the same – I was very disappointed. My logical reasoning hadn't worked. I rinsed the suds from my hair and decided to save the logic for math class.

Ultimately, I was left with no choice but to ask Kori, my kind and loving sister, what the true meaning of “shower gel” really was. As one might expect, her initial response was to laugh her ass off while I stood there feeling like a complete awko. However, after a wonderful five minutes of humiliation, she explained to me that shower gel, contrary to common thought (yes, I am making myself feel better by calling it common) is simply a kind of luxurious soap alternative.

In conclusion, I think I’ll leave fashion and all fashion-related topics in the capable hands of my sister. I’ll give you an update on the L’Occitane shower gel once I have a chance to use it correctly, but for now, it’s a wrap.

Okay, grasshoppers, I hope you enjoyed Jake's post! I feel like I should let you know that I really love how the shower gel smells - sort of a spicy, cedar-y smell. I actually tried it out once (okay, twice - sorry Jake), and while it's definitely a male fragrance, a girl could easily pull it off. Outside of the shower, the scent fades until you can only get a faint whiff of something fresh, casual, and classy. Delish!


Lydia Carmichael said...

Okay Kori, I am a terrible friend, but I have been super super busy these days getting ready for my London adventure. And Jake, great post! Your use of "awko" is really something to aspire to. The whole post made me laugh. I hope you both have great summer!
PS: Kori I am going to call you today at a time when I think you will actually be awake.

lissa said...

you look so much like your brother! cute!

Sherry said...


juli said...

hi jake, its kind of wierd that my first comment on koris blog is for you, but i guess that means you are better at fashion...:) jk (obv.)

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