Saturday, July 25, 2009

That Mystery Girl

Hi gang.

I am occupied by a mystery.

A few years ago, a friend of mine (who was in Spain at the time) mailed me a letter. Inside the letter, she enclosed a cut-out from a magazine she had recently flipped through. The cut-out looked like this:

Now, you wouldn't think this was anything special unless you knew what I looked like. But as it turns out, the model in the ad is the spitting image of me. I mean seriously, I'm sure her nose is smaller than mine if you look at it from the side (she is a model after all), but from the way she looks in this picture, we could be twins. In fact, a good friend of mine once saw the ad sitting on my desk and scolded me for failing to tell them I had been doing modeling. Which I hadn't. But you get the idea.

Anyway, I tried to look up the model, but I couldn't even read the name of the brand the ad was for. So I gave up. But I rediscovered this ad in a pile of papers earlier this week, and today I saw a girl in a Stussy shirt in August's Nylon and realized that Stussy was in fact the mystery brand.

Stussy turns out to have a fairly comprehensive website full of old ads, most of which I like a whole lot. It's actually worth a look, what with campaigns shot by the likes of Juergen Teller, Kenneth Cappello, and Terry Richardson.

But alas - the girl with the parrot is not to be found. She is remains an enigma.

Anyone know who she is? Any ideas?