Thursday, May 31, 2007

Fashionable Reads

Are you sick of fashion blogs yet? I hope not, because I really love having readers (it makes me feel special), but sometimes it's nice to read about fashion somewhere other than on your computer screen. In honor of Fashion Through Literature Week (which, by the way, was a crappy idea because I keep finding things I want to write about that I can't relate to literature), here are some stylish books to flip through when the mood strikes.

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Eye candy alert! Here is a beautiful book full of Andy Warhol's fashion drawings. If tearing pages out of books didn't feel sacreligious, I would rip out all my favorites and hang them on my wall.

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You've probably already read this, but if you haven't you should. A hilarious, fun, and easy read that is perfect for a lazy summer day.

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I've heard good things about this one. Tricia from Bits and Bobbins posted a great review of it, praising the tremendously creative wardrobe of Iris Apfel. Apparently the photos are fabulous.

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If you're anything like me, then you enjoyed the movie Marie Antoinette solely because of the magnificent costumes. But what did Marie Antoinette really wear? (If you think the movie was accurate, I beg you to remember that a pair of Chuck Taylors had a short cameo). Read this book and find out!

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Okay, the world has seen the movie based on this book, and I think most people have read the book. But if you haven't, pick this up for a fun read about an unfashionable girl's experience working at a fashion magazine. And no, this is nothing like Ugly Betty.

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I remember Susie Bubble writing about this book a while back. I think the gist of her post was that it encouraged the development of a unique personal style.

Well, dear readers, read on!

In Case You Didn't Know...

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...Reading Is Sexy.

O Glorious T-shirt, thou hast been the object of my desire for a great time.

Reading is Sexy T-shirt - $14.95 - Buy Olympia

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I'm taking a break from Fashion through Literature Week to post some links that I've really enjoyed. I find it very unfair that there have been so many great posts and things this week, since I can't write about them without cheating on FTLW. That's right- if you find a link to your site here, you should be ashamed. How dare you write a good post this week? Was it so hard to wait until Sunday? Bastards.

- The wonderfully creative people at wardrobe_remix have been stylin' this week. My favorites: this outfit by tralfamadarling, this outfit byEuvie, this outfit by Iconoclastic, and this outfit by lebonbonmulticolore. Fantastic. I am amazed by what a strong sense of personal style these girls have. None of them look remotely similar, but they all look incredible anyway.

- The Coveted has the scoop on Cris Armijo, an up-and-coming designer. I've never heard of her before, but some of the quotes from her interview delighted me to the very core. For example, Cris talks about her alter-ego: "Cristalette is my alter-ego. The phrase “over the top” does not exist in her reality. She never asks her friends if she looks okay, and definitely never worries about an outfit being 'too much'..." and her plans for the weekend: "Tomorrow night I’m playing with my samba band at an SF high school senior prom. I’m really excited because I get to wear this amazing poufy fairy princess prom dress..."

- I discovered an Israeli street style blog recently. This makes me happy because Israel has so many different cultures and religious requirements, which makes for a huge variety of fashions. Also, the social requirements for wardrobe there are very different from in the US. For example, I had the opportunity to witness a reform Jewish boy's Bar Mitzvah when I was in Israel this summer. He wore jeans and sneakers. This differs greatly from the immaculate black suit and tie that my brother wore to his.

- Catwalk Queen wrote about a study that showed political views, opinions, and fashion choices among people today are extremely similar to those of 1967. Hmmm. Are we all hippys?

- I am seething with jealousy over this dress that was altered over at Kingdom of Style. Why do other people always get all the thrifting luck?

- Urban Outfitters is taunting me by carrying wonderful shoes that I can't afford. I'll take these in silver please, and these in blue, and these in gold. If I owned them, I could be jazztastic one day, (totally) 80's the next, and then celebrate the second summer of love with 70's platform wedges. I wish...

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memoirs of a Geisha: Getting into Character

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If you haven't read Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden, then you should pick it up immediately. The movie is excellent, and the book is even better. When reading it, I'm always struck by the fact that the image of a geisha is such a powerful thing. Without her geisha makeup and attire, the main character Sayuri is just an unloved woman unable to survive on her own, but when in costume she is beautiful, desired, and valuable. I don't really like this idea, mostly because I believe women should be respected and loved as themselves, but I do think that it holds a certain truth. Clothing, hair, and makeup make a difference in how we are perceived, how we feel, and how we behave. This is part of the reason for my obsession/ fascination with fashion, and I find it to be strongly connected to my love of theater. Getting dressed each morning means choosing my character for the day. Do I want to be a nerd, a goddess, or a glamazon? Do I want to be wild, fabulous, or soulful? Just as getting into costume before acting in a play helps me to embrace the character I am portraying, getting dressed in the morning helps me decide which facet of myself I want to be. It's a never-ending game of dress-up with the world as my stage. And/or runway.

How fun is that?

For added enjoyment, exaggerate your character for the day. Usually, our clothes help us take on a persona without our knowledge. If you feel smokin' in your slinky party dress, you tend to strut a little and enter a room with confidence. It's not a conscious decision, but it happens just the same. My suggestion is to recognize the effect that your wardrobe has on you, choose your outfit accordingly, and commit yourself fully to the role you decide to take on. Don't just strut in that party dress- dance when the mood strikes you, use big gestures when you talk, and treat your fabulous self to what it deserves (chocolate mousse, anyone?). Just have fun with it!

Today my character is a punked out hippy with a hint of chicness. I've been waving to strangers and returning confused glances with a shrug and raised eyebrows all day. In my somewhat bizarre version of reality, that's what punky-chic hippy chicks do.

*This post has been part of Fashion Through Literature Week at The Fashion-y Blog*

Monday, May 28, 2007

Fashion through Literature Week and Bejewelled Things

I officially declare it Fashion through Literature Week at The Fashion-y Blog.

Yes, reading is fashionable, people! For the entire week, most, (if not all) of my posts will be inspired by books I've read. My fashion choices have often been inspired by my reading material, so now I'll share that joy with you. My first post on the subject starts now.


One of my favorite books as a kid was Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine. There's a quote from that book that has stuck in my mind:

"Should you spy a carriage that surpasses all others, peer inside. You'll
find me within, smiling at my jewels and laughing at the world."

This quote seems like a perfect way to describe my recent infatuation with jewels and rhinestones, the bigger and less tasteful, the better. The reason that the quote stayed with me is because it sounded so cold and horrible (at least within the context of the book), but I suddenly have a new appreciation for it. You see, piling on the bling makes me feel giddy and fabulous. I tend to laugh joyfully at the queen-like, sparkling things that I am wearing. I see no reason why not to, as long as the price is right.

Here are my bejweled picks:

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Cocktail rings, Fred Flare

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Headband, Wet Seal

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Gladiator sandals, Topshop

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Bracelet, Forever 21

Also, Fashionista has a great DIY article on how to make those dazzling Marc Jacobs headbands that we've all been coveting.

Oh, to be young and encrusted with rhinestones!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Abaete for Payless: The Summer Collection

Well, Abaete's summer collection for Payless has arrived, and I have mixed feelings about it. The collection is a somewhat cheap-looking jumble of translucent vinyl and patent leather, and it looks nothing like the previous collection did. I'm entirely underwhelmed by the bags and sunglasses, but a few of the shoes caught my eye.

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I could be totally wrong, but these platform wedges look like something Susie Bubble (of Style Bubble) would wear. And since I really admire the outfits she puts together, I find myself drawn to them. I think they're the most unique shoe in the collection.

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These slingbacks feature a peep toe and hot pink patent leather. What's not to like?

The rest of the shoes seemed pretty tacky, at least to me. And while I like the two pairs above, I don't think I'll be purchasing either one. I have an unfortunate inability to walk in such high heels.

So, what are your thoughts on the Abaete for Payless summer collection? See the rest of the collection here and let me know what you think.


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As summer approaches, my search for the perfect romper (jumpsuit, playsuit, whatever you want to call it) has gotten more and more urgent. I have long since decided that I want to take part in the romper madness that has been sweeping the world, but there are so many options that I haven't been able to decide which style is right for me. Until yesterday, when I found a little black romper (hmm...will LBR be working its way into our fashion vocabulary?) at the Hot Topic website. No, I wasn't blown away by the styling, but whatever scruples I had were dissipated by the $16.00 price tag. Seriously, can you say steal? Of course, as usual, I began to think about the many ways I could wear the romper and quickly became convinced that I would live in it this summer. I mean it. Like the LBD, the LBR is easy and versatile, with an added sense of fun. Woohoo!

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This is my favorite way to wear the romper, I think, with lots of neon accessories. So playful and summery!
Hair Clips
Jelly Flats

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Wear the romper like this to give off a preppy-cute-chic vibe. It's a little more dressy than the previous look, so you can get away with this almost everywhere.

Other ways to wear the LBR:
- Dress it up with black tights and heels.
- Funk it up with neon tights.
- Wear it over your swimsuit at the beach.
- Whatever else you think of. Seriously, there are so many options. This romper will be my best friend during hot weather, and if I'm still not ready to give it up when the weather starts to cool off, I'll wear it over tights and a shirt.

Well, I definitely convinced myself that I need the romper. Positive posting will do that. I think I need to buy it now.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Oh. My. God. Could it be true? Is Erin Featherston designing a collection for Target next spring? YIPPEEE!!!!!!!

Thank you, fashionista, for oh-so-casually mentioning this as if you didn't think it would elicit loud shrieks of joy.

I should probably mention that I am in love with Erin Featherston. I have been gazing raptly at her spring and fall designs for months. How will I ever make it 'til next spring?

And more importantly, how did I get so caught up in all this "design for all" stuff?

Heatherette Goes to Oz

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I have always struggled to understand why certain designers present us with inherently unwearable, wacky collections. I understand their need as artists to play with volume, color, and texture, but I wonder how this works from a business point of view. Almost every job that exists requires the cooperation of the consumers. How can a designer make money off of pricey clothing that no one will buy?

While I remain confused as to the answer to this question, Heatherette's fall collection makes more sense to me. Yes, it's undeniably zany and has few pieces that I could picture someone actually wearing, but I can see why something inspired by The Wizard of Oz would have to be that way. TWoO is a story of a girls life turned completely upside down, a story of her life twisted into a crazed world where her neighbor is a wicked witch, lions can talk, and everything is in technicolor. When you think of it that way, the collection makes sense. After all, what represents Oz better than a myriad of colors and textures, models and celebrities, music and dance? Why shouldn't a delicate pale yellow dress be paired with metallic bondage straps? Why shouldn't space-age suits share the runway with vintage-look bags? Sure, it's twisted and loud and hard to wrap your mind around, but I appreciate that. Dorothy must have felt the same way when she first set eyes on Munchkin Land.

I am probably overly obsessed with The Wizard of Oz.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Midnight Mystery Adventure

Forever 21 seems to have a bad reputation for ripping off designer clothing. (Well, I don't actually have a problem with it, but a lot of people do. Diane von Furstenberg, for example.) Anyways, I'm starting to wonder why certain other stores, like Urban Outfitters, aren't infamous in the same way. Yesterday I was browsing the Urban Outfitters website when I came across a dress that looked vaguely familiar. I spent the rest of the day trying, with no avail, to remember where I had seen it before. Then, in the middle of the night, revalation struck. I sat up in bed, shouted "Ahah!", and reached excitedly/tiredly for my laptop. Sure enough, once I had logged onto, a more colorful version of the Urban Outfitters dress was traipsing down the runway in the middle of Anna Sui's spring show. Hmm. Scandalous.

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Mystery solved, I was about to close the computer and attempt to sleep when another designer imitation caught my eye. This one was a blaringly obvious knock-off of the House of Holland t-shirts.

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Should Urban Outfitters be ashamed? Maybe. But we alll get to reap the benefits.

You see, my friends, the Ana Sui imitation, which was already way cheaper than its designer twin, is on sale for $19.99. There really is justice in the world.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Alice Temperley

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Hooray! Target has announced that Alice Temperley will be the next in line for GO: International. I like the preview pictures. They look very Paris-chic. The line will hit stores in October, right after Libertine. See the rest of the pictures here.


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Like every other fashionista on the net, I have seen the preview pictures of Sarah Jessica's line for Steve & Barry's and been disappointed. It's not that the clothes are offensive or gross...they're just boring. Why bother shopping Bitten when you can easily scoop up the same tees, sweats, and jeans you've been getting at Target and Old Navy for the past ten years? That said, something has changed. Today I looked at the pictures taken from the Bitten preview on Oprah, and found a coat that I quite like. It's not ground-breaking or terribly unique, but it is very cute. And, better yet, it only costs $19.98. So while I may not be smitten with Bitten (I may or may not have stolen that line from, I will be making a stop at Steve & Barry's to pick up a new coat this fall. Thank God SJP got one thing right.

So what do you think? Did anything catch your eye?

P.S. Wouldn't the coat look smashing with red lolita sunglasses, black opaque tights, and chunky red heels? I can hardly wait!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

How to Rock a High Waist

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Mischa and Jessica demonstrate how easy it is for a high waist to ruin an otherwise stylish ensemble.

Let's face it - the high waist trend is a tricky one to pull off. If you have even an ounce of belly pooch, a high waist can accentuate it in a way that is vastly unflattering. It can make your bum look like a saggy mess. It can even give off (gasp!) the dreaded mom jeans vibe. Oh, the horror! But before you run screaming from the potentially evil high waist, you should know that, if done right, the high waist can make you appear sexy, curvy, and long-legged. Ahhh. Sounds a bit more appealing now, doesn't it? So how do you pull of the high waist? The trick is in sifting through the many unflattering styles to find one that works for you. Here's what you should know before you take the high waist plunge.

1) The safest way to wear a high waist is with a slim top. This ensures that your top half will look slim, regardless of the mistakes you may have made with the bottom half.

2) High-waisted skirts are a good place to start. High-waisted pencil skirts or skirts with a good deal of volume always work, unless the one you pick is ill-fitting or made of a truly heinous fabric.

3) If you are looking for (non-denim) pants, try on a pair of long, wide-leg trousers with some sort of belt. The long, wide legs will elongate your legs, and the belt will define your waist to avoid frumpiness. Mary-Kate Olsen demonstrates this style here.

4) If you want to wear jeans, opt for a slim pair that goes above your natural waist. Since the waist will be very high, try to look for a pair with seams or buttons that start at or go across your natural waist (If this doesn't make sense, there are examples below). This is slimming for anyone, and can really highlight curves if you are lucky enough to have them.

5) No puffy pockets. Ever. Jessica Simpson (see above picture) makes this excruciatingly clear.

6) Make sure the pants fit!!!

7) Know that these aren't rules, but rather my suggestions as to the best ways to look good in a high waist. Some people can manage other styles, and some designers can make potentially unflattering styles extremely flattering. Go with your instincts, and ask a stylish friend if you're not sure.

And now onto the fun stuff...Let's get shopping!

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These Urban Outfitters denim shorts work because they are tight over the torso and have corset-style stitching.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
The same goes for these, minus the corset-style stitching. Get them at ASOS.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Long, baggy legs? Check. Belt? Check. Get these at Zara.

I didn't look for skirts because they are everywhere. But I will tell you that I found a few cute ones at ASOS and Anthropologie.

I now pronounce you ready for the high waist. May it flatter you in every way.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Memoirs of a (Salad) Geisha

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How does a model know when she's really made it? When she gets to walk the catwalk as a salad geisha, of course!

So yes, the models walking in the Wish-Bone Summer Salad Fashion Show looked kind of ridiculous (or freakishly awesome...your pick), but I appreciate that they had a big enough sense of humor to take the job. It takes a lot of guts to strut your stuff in a gigantic cabbage wig. And what could be better than promoting vegetables? Absolutely nothing. Listen to your mama, children. Sometimes she has something important to say.

Picture from FWD. For more pictures of salad-clad models, go here.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Etsy is Love

Let me just say that I love Etsy. It's like the biggest, best crafts fair mixed with a flea market, a thrift store, and your grandmother's attic full of everything fantastic. Last night I went Etsy-crazy. I tend to go on Etsy for large spurts of time, and each time I add a million beautiful items to my favorites. And each time has a theme, mostly because my interests change depending on my mood. Last night's theme was all things girly. I think I'll share a bunch (and when I say a bunch, I mean a BUNCH) of my finds with you so that you can oooh and aaaah along with me. And if you decide that you absolutely must have one of them, you are not alone.

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Hooray for cupcake stuff! I love cupcakes. They're so happy.
Cupcake dress
Cupcake necklace
Cupcake flats

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This stuff reminds me of a sweet, girlish grandmother. Love.

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This stuff it kitschy and girly and fun. I love it all!
Fanny Pack
Crafty Curios

To see more of my sweet finds, go here.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Planet Lulu!

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So tonight was my first experience with Planet Lulu. Planet Lulu is a monthly online sample sale featuring tons of designer pieces at killer prices. And by killer prices, I mean 50%-70% off. I didn't really know what to expect tonight, but I logged on at 9:00pm PST (that's 12:00 in EST, which is where I live) and checked it out. I was actually very impressed by the selection. There were only one or two of my favorite items, but the prices were so good and a lot of the clothing was gorgeous. I was expecting so-so items at so-so prices, so this was a pleasant surprise. That said, I wasn't prepared for the fact that the best pieces were sold within minutes (and by best, I mean anything extremely cheap or in medium sizes, so if you're on the larger or smaller side, consider yourself lucky). I am a somewhat careful buyer. After a few unfortunate impulse buys in my early youth, I have perfected the art of deciding whether I really want something. The issue here is that I didn't have time to consider the pros and cons of my would-be purchases. By the time I decided that I did want to buy a gorgeous $9.00 Cosabella dress, it was gone. I was ashamed of myself. It seems the best tactic is to buy first, think later, and make the necessary returns. Ah well. Next month I'll be prepared.

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This is the Cosabella dress that was cruelly torn away from me. It was marked down from $140.00 to $9.00. If you are the one who bought the last one, I'm afraid I'll have to kill you slowly and painfully.

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If I was able to make it to my prom, I would snag this little number. What could be better than an adorable Betsey Johnson dress for $99.00? And it used to be $275.00, which makes it even better. (What can I say...getting something expensive at a cheap price makes me feel good)

Wanna get in on the action? The sale is invitation-only, so go here to sign up for an invite.

Why Don't You...

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1) Mourn the end of Gilmore Girls (and celebrate the fact that the last episode was absolutely perfect) by renting a few GG dvds and having a marathon. Extra points if you do this with your mom or daughter.

2) Host a Naked Lady Party. (Thanks to Painfully Hip for the idea)

3) Make Winona from Daddy Likey (and a needy kid too, of course) happy by volunteering for Big Brothers, Big Sisters.

4) Celebrate your inner woMAN with Queen/King Michelle from Kingdom of Style.

5) Prepare to book a June flight to Arnhem, Netherlands to visit Fashion Biennale. (I so want to go to this one. What could be better than "the longest catwalk...a spectacular fashion parade through the heart of the city" and "clothing, accessories and photos in all sorts and sizes hang like laundry on washing lines above the city" Now that's what I call fashion for all.)

6) Get your face ready and glowing for summer by making a homemade aspirin mask.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Goodbye, Gilmore Girls

Tonight is a sad, sad night. Gilmore Girls is coming to an end. I strongly suspect that I will cry during the whole episode. I have spent 7 seasons wishing that I was a Gilmore, and now the dream will finally end. To commemorate and mourn the end of the Gilmore Era, let's take a look at major fashion moments within the show. Goodbye, Gilmore Girls. I'll miss you.

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Remember the good old days when Rory went to Chilton and was stuck in that awful uniform? Also memorable from the Chilton days is Lorelai's first-day-of-school outfit, which I couldn't find a picture of.

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Luke isn't exactly known for his fashion, but he is known for his plaid shirts and ever-present baseball hat.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Who could forget the dorky golf hat that Emily gave to Rory when she went golfing with her grandfather? No one else could have managed to make it look so adorable.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
The fashion show that Lorelai and Emily walked in together was such a fun moment.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
The events in Stars Hollow make me extremely jealous. Rory and Lorelai get to dress up in these cute retro dresses for dance offs, as well as in Pilgrim outfits, famous paintings, and other things.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
This scene is one of my favorites. Who wouldn't want to jump off a tower with an umbrella while wearing a gorgeous gown? (That said, it would be incredibly foolish and result in serious injury, but it's a nice idea)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Remember when Lorelai found 'the perfect wedding dress'? I didn't like it so much, but it certaintly was unique for a wedding dress. Unique weddings are a Stars Hollow specialty. There was Luke's sister's wedding where everyone wore medieval garb, Lorelai wore a beautiful flower wreath in her hair, and Luke wore (gasp!) a suit. There was also Lane's wedding where Lane and Zack dressed in traditional Korean robes, then raced to the church to have a second ceremony in more normal wedding outfits. I loved how Lane's skirt tore off to make her dress shorter for the party.

That's it for the Gilmore Girls fashion moments. For some reason there weren't very many pictures available. In an hour and a half, I will have to say goodbye to the show. I think I might as well start sobbing now.

Want more Gilmore Girls fashion? Find out where to buy some of the clothing worn by Rory, Lane, and Lorelai here. CW gives the lowdown on the show's style here. Buy merchandise featuring businesses from the show (The Dragonfly Inn, Luke's Diner, Yale, etc) here. The "Reading is Sexy" shirt that Rory wears in one of the episode is available here (I want it badly). Daddy Likey picked out the perfect dresses for Gilmourning.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

21 Specials

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Has anyone been to lately? Well, if you have, you probably noticed a somewhat exciting change. There is now a 'specials' section where 21 items are discounted by 20% for one day only. These items change every day. The good news: Cheapness! The bad news: This introduces the dilemna of whether you should buy an item right away or hope that it will eventually go on special. Also, there are no returns on these items. I tend to overthink these kinds of things, which is why I'm sitting here with my laptop and pondering whether the Forever 21 change is good or bad news. I thinks it's good. But like I said, I tend to overthink things.

So why the picture of the zebra bracelet, you might ask? Well, it made me laugh. If I owned it, I would save it exclusively for sad or rainy days and wear it to cheer up. $12 at Lulu's Fashion Lounge.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Simply Vera for Kohl's

I know that many people are tiring of big designers designing lines for cheaper stores (Target, H&M, etc.), but I am loving it. How else could I afford a designer piece? I do, however, find most of the celebrity collaberations to be somewhat annoying. If the celebrity is a fashion icon, it's one thing, but Amanda Bynes (who will be designing a line for Steve & Barry's after Sarah Jessica Parker) should really stay out of it. Still, like I said, I do appreciate cheaper lines from big designers, and Missy Lovely has the most recent scoop on Vera Wang's line for Kohl's. She posted the below preview photos, which I had been anxiously awaiting. To my surprise (and delight!), the line looks great! I can't wait til it hits stores in September.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I'm loving this skirt. It has a great shape and a hint of quirkiness that screams, "I'm not your average department store skirt!" Which it isn't. So props to Vera!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
To be honest, this look leans a little towards frumpy. But the pieces are not bad by themselves. The cardi is quite adorable, and very versatile. I think that the skirt and shirt, minus the cardi and scarf, would make the perfect office outfit, albeit not the most original one. Although I think the belled sleeves and pleated front of the shirt bring it a step above your normal white collared shirt.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
It's hard to tell whether this model is wearing a dress or a skirt with all the layering, but either way I think the fabric and hemline are gorgeous. I also think the ruffles on the shirt are a nice touch.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
This dress is rather simple, but very pretty. I love the contrast of the shiny ribbon against the rest of the fabric. I think this would be perfect for a holiday party.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
This picture only gives a glimpse of the model's outfit, but the little you can see is very inspiring. The jacket looks wonderfully detailed, and the shirt sleeves have a beautiful, puffed out volume. I like the bag too- very versatile. Not something I would carry, but I think a lot of women would.

Well, that's it for the pictures. Visit Missy Lovely for more details about the line, and be ready to shop Kohl's during the first week of September. This fall/winter is going to be a good one - Vera Wang for Kohl's, Patricia Field for Payless, and Libertine for Target. I can hardly wait.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

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I am not really a sneaker person. Well, okay, I guess that's not entirely true. What I mean to say is that I am generally devoted to only one brand of sneakers. I have 3 pairs of Chuck Taylor All Stars and that's it. That is, until now. I stumbled accross a picture of Fafi wearing the above Adidas sneakers featuring her Fafinettes and became obsessed. I MUST have these shoes. The only problem is that I can't find them in my size. I found them at and, but neither site has them in a 7.5 or 8 US (my size...I prefer a 7.5, but either works). So please, my oh so lovely blog readers, help a girl out. Does anyone know where else I can order these shoes? If you can find them for less than $100, I'll give you a cookie. A lovely virtual cookie. And I'll send you love letters every day for a week. Now who could refuse a offer like that?

P.S. I am feeling kind of disloyal to my beloved chucks, so I'm gonna give them a shout out (shoes have feelings too, you know): I still love you, mis zapatos!

You probably all think I'm a crazy person, but it's my blog and I can talk to shoes (in Spanglish) if I want to. Plus, I came to terms with my insanity a long time ago.


Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I Heart Celebrities Who Heart My Blog

Well, dearies, it seems that some of our favorite celebrities have been reading my blog. Or at least having the same fashion ideas as me. Probably through their stylists. But I'd like to take a little credit. A girl can dream.

I saw these pictures from the MET Costume Institute Gala on La Blonde C'est Moi, and some stars seem to be channeling flapper style. (remember my post on that?)

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Kirsten Dunst, you rock that flapper headband!

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Zani Gugelman (whoever you are), you also rock that flapper headband!

Fabulous, no?

I'm also including the picture below because I love that dress.
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Waita go, Jessica Stam!