Friday, September 11, 2009


Why hello, you lovely dolls.

I thought I'd let y'all know that college is treating me well. My classes are interesting, I'm making tons of cool friends, I joined a few clubs (am watching Lagerfeld Confidential with the Fashion Design Club on Thursday, woot!), and am generally happy.

Of course, my success here was sucked into insignificance when I saw this little snapshop on Altamira NYC.

So much win it almost hurts. I am thoroughly enamored with each of these girls, both through their blogs and excellent personal style. Also, I am jealous of Tavi because I wish I were anywhere near as cool at age 13. Or now, even. How does she do it? (Okay, I realize Tavi got cut off, and I do not have time to fix this. So click on the link above the pic to see her awesomeness.

Ahem. Back to, um, studying. 'Cause why would I do anything other than studying on a Friday night? I am a college student, for your information. That's what we do. Cough cough. Ahem.