Thursday, March 29, 2007


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I've fallen in love. With a xylophone. Not just any xylophone (give me a little credit), but this indescribably uber-cute xylophone from Fred Flare. What would I do with a xylophone, you ask? Play music, I guess. Okay, fine, I don't really have much of a reason to buy it, unless I can unite with xylophone-lovers around the world and form a big, bad xylophone bad. Are you in?

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Patrick Robinson for Target

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Target recently announced that Patrick Robinson would be the next designer for the Go: International line. His designs, which are available for viewing in the Target press showroom, are loose, breezy, and covered in pretty boho patterns. This is the first Go: International collection where I can actually see myself in every outfit, so needless to say, I'm counting the days 'til it's released this summer.

Waiting For Warm Weather

It's days like these that make me long for it to be warm again. Today was truly glorious, with the sun shining and a light breeze blowing, save for one thing: It wasn't warm enough to satisfy my craving for late spring weather. As I spent long hours imagining the day it would again be a temperature that would allow me to sit on my rooftop and enjoy the view of my neighborhood, my thoughts turned to what I would wear on such a day. Here are two of my ideal spring outfits.

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What could go wrong with pristine, elegant white? Nothing, I tell you, nothing. This outfit would make me feel like such a lady.
A. Audrey Hepburn-esque Dress,
B. Jackie O. Sunglasses,
C. White Patent Mary Janes, Forever 21 (

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Aaah, how I enjoy a mix of bright colors...
A. Shirt with Bow, Wet Seal (
B. Checkered Skirt,
C. Bucket Hat, Forever 21 (
D. Blue shoes, Urban Outfitters (

Friday, March 23, 2007

When Good Designers go Wrong

There are some times when, looking at a particularly ugly piece of designer clothing, I wonder what went wrong. Did the designer get too caught up in playing with structure and volume to worry about how the clothing item would appear on a person's body, or am I, a "normal person," a woefully inadequite judge? Either way, I don't understand it.

For example, the picture below from yesterday's Samora fashion show in L.A. is gorgeous. I think the deep, rich colors, the shape that accentuates (or creates) the model's curves, and the luxurious-looking fabric all make for a wonderful outfit.
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And yet, in that same show, there was also the outfit showed below. The pants are basic and fine, but that top makes me shudder. When a top makes a model look thick, you can only imagine how unflattering it would be on a typical woman. The puff sleeves, while a nice concept, create a broad-shouldered, broad-armed effect that adds to the "thick" illusion. Needless to say, I would never stoop to even trying this on.
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Like I said before, I just don't get it. How can the same designer who created the first look also create the second one? Why did they think it would be a good idea?

I guess I'll just have to remind myself that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and stick with that.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Verdict: Abaete for Payless

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Today the Abaete for Payless spring collection finally arrived! After waking up this morning, I raced to the computer and logged on to like a little girl on Christmas morning (though I am, in fact, Jewish). At first I was surprised. Where were all the styles shown previously on the Payless website? Although I was disapointed by the lack of those amazing white boots (maybe they're part of the fall collection?), I soon found more shoes to be excited about. You have to admit...the flower cutouts on a few of the shoes and handbags are quite adorable. And while I'm not a huge fan of the ones with the tropical floral print, I can see where they'd be comfortable and breezy...perfect for late spring and early summer. There was one lone pair of flats that didn't seem to fit in with the rest of the collection, but I do think that they are cute and ideal for hot wheather because of some cutouts and a peep toe. All in all, a nice selection of shoes. And all for $20.00 or less, which is the best part : )

To get your Payless fix for even less, use the coupon code 21878.

Haha...patheticness...leaving a coupon code for my non-existant readers...

Monday, March 19, 2007

Free Online Fashion Mags

I'm really liking this new trend of free online fashion mags. I've been reading Neet since it came out, but the Free People Blog just clued me into yet another one, Amour. It's not as good for me as Neet, because it's British and I can't buy most of the stuff in it until I can pull together enough money to go on vacation there, but it's still a fun read. It has also made me realize that I desperately want a Primark nearby. Le sigh...

I have quickly become a hardcore Neet fan. I love that almost everything listed in it is both quirky and affordable. Most magazines are chock full of stuff that makes me long to crack into my college savings account. But no...with the help of Neet (and maybe now Amour), I will be strong and build a wardrobe with character. And a fuller wallet.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Painfully Hip

I have found the mother of all bargain-finding, cheap-loving blogs., even though you haven't been around very long, I will check you again and again.

A Good Find - I have never seen a cheaper shoe clearance section. NICE!!!

My Topshop Desires

The title of this post says it all...

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Oh, how I covet this coat. It's perfect and I want it! Wish it was in my budget.

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These shoes are somewhat unique, and they look comfy as well. I want.

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I also want these shoes. They would add a splash of color to an outfit, they are probably comfortable since they're flats, and I'm really into the t-strap thing right now.

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I have no idea why I'm so enamored with this dress, because it's not the kind of thing that I usually go for. But you have to admit, it's a damn nice dress.

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A simple, pretty bag. End of story.

I wish I could go on a Topshop shopping spree. In addition to what I posted here, I would buy a neon bomber jacket for every day of the week, neon skinny pants to go with them, and a sweet plaid coat that caught my eye. Maybe I'll spring for one of the items pictured above. After all, Topshop now ships to the US. Hooray!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

PVC Leggings: Where Have I Seen Them in Fashion Before?

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I've been hearing a lot of people talking about the joys of PVC leggings, and I have to say they look pretty cool when they're worn in a non-vampy, trampy way. (If you haven't caught on to the PVC legging craze, check out this post in Style Bubble.) However, since the minute I first set eyes on a pair of these babies, I couldn't help but wonder, "where have I seen these before?" Well, I finally figured it out. During season 3 of Project Runway (don't pretend you didn't watch), Jeffrey Sebelia created a black and white cocktail dress and paired it with a creation of a different sort, a creation that looked astonishingly like a cut up pair of PVC leggings. Hmmm. Was the trend brought on by Jeffery, or did other designers come up with the design on their own? Will we ever know the truth?

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Blogging on the Cheap Stuff

There are some other fashion blogs that I really love to read. My favorite one is probably Style Bubble, but I find Daddy Likey hysterical, and I enjoy various other blogs, such as Do This Don't and Facehunter. My only issue with these blogs, in particular Style Bubble and Facehunter, is that they spur in me an inate desire to buy clothes I simply can't afford. As much as I love clothes, sometimes I would rather have money to go on vacation, or to eat for that matter. That philosophy just doesn't give me the budget to spend over $25 on a shirt. And as much as I adore shoes, I will spend a good $60 on a pair of running shoes whose life will span the style changes, and then $30 or less (each) on a select few pairs of shoes that I buy "just for fun." To do otherwise would deprive me of other neccesities. Also, I'm the kind of girl for whom more is more. I'd rather have a handful of cute, cheap dresses than one expensive one. Yes, the cheaper dresses will fall apart more quickly, but I figure that they will be out of style by the time that day comes. If I ever become rich and famous, I can splurge on the good stuff, but for now I'll have to satisfy myself with the glories of H&M, Forever21, Wet Seal, and thrift stores. This is why I blog about the cheaper stuff...It's what I know. There will be the occasional lust entries where I rant about my high fashion desires, but for the most part, I think I can keep those to a minimum.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Payless Red Carpet Collection by Patricia Field

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Payless sure has been busy as of late. First Abaete and Lela Rose, now Patricia Field. Yes, that's right...Patricia Field (You may know her as a stylist for Sex and the City and a costume designer for The Devil Wears Prada) is designing a collection for Payless. I, for one, am excited. The only shoes from the collection that are shown on the Payless website are the ones pictured above, but while I don't love them, they set a tone for a fun, funky collection that you could easilly picture on the set of Sex and the City. I do hope the rest of the collection involves shorter heels, though, because these ones are ankle-breakers. Expect to raid the Payless shelves for Patricia Field's creations in the holiday season of 2007.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tights and Leggings

Right now I'm really into fun tights and leggings. I love neon tights that pop from underneath a skirt or dress, and I admire the funky abstract patterns you can find on various leggings. I really covet the H&M leggings below. They would really pump up the little black dress or black shorts or a black jumpsuit.

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I need to get down to H&M one of these days. It really has some fantastic clothing at very good prices. Also, I want to check out Madonna's collection. It seems pretty nice to me...I love that kimono-style dress that's being featured. Very classy, no?

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Want Asian Street Fashion?

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Well, you're in luck. sells adorable clothing and accessories imported from Asia. Some of them are too cutesy or puffy for the average American, but others are just right for putting together unique, fun look. The prices aren't bad either.

I like a lot of the items for sale there (Those Hello Kitty purses are so sweet!), but there was one item that really stood out. The skirt pants (shown above) are cute and unique. I've never seen or heard of skirt pants, but I hope they make it big. I may just buy these and bring the trend to America.

Saturday, March 3, 2007


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Today is a glorious spring-like day, at least in Massachusetts. As I was walking along through the melting snow and streaming sunlight earlier this morning, I was struck by a sudden urge to put on this Forever21 Coat and some playful heels and frolick in the beautiful weather. I wouldn't begrudge myself a pretty umbrella either, like the Free People one below.

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So, has Spring sprung, or does it just feel that way? It doesn't really matter. I will enjoy it either way.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Abaete and Lela Rose for Payless

I'm getting kinda psyched for Abaete and Lela Rose's collections for Payless. The Abaete collection is due to hit stores in March '07. As in this month. So get ready for a major shopping spree! The Lela Rose collection won't be available until Fall '07, but that gives us plenty of time to get excited.

The above pictures are my 2 favorite shoes from each collection. The Abaete shoes on the top left are funky, unique, and they have the spring bling-bling trend down flat. Whether I can walk in them is another story. The Abaete shoes on the bottom left are what I like to call retro-fabulous. I'm a big fan of flat boots because I refuse to put my feet in anything that will cause them pain (well, unless it's absolutely gorgeous). I could see these boots with a lot of current trends, like jumpers, tunics, retro dresses, and pretty spring dresses. These are my favorite shoes from the 2 collections, so I will be picking up a pair of these. Hey, the price is right! The Lela Rose collection includes some pretty nice shoes as well. The pair featured on the top right is adorable. I love the t-strap look, and I love how they are chunky, but still femenine. I may have to spring for these as well. The red pair beneath these is nice, too. I don't find it incredibly special, but, like most red pumps, it has that old Hollywood glamour appeal.

Just to show how awesome the boots are, I'm posting a picture I found of a girl wearing similar boots. The pic is from the flickr group Wardrobe Remix, and it was uploaded by liebemarlene.
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