Friday, October 11, 2013

The Last Post

Hi friends,

I'm not sure if anyone still looks at this blog - it's been almost two years since I last updated, and the spam comments are out-of-control! (But seriously spammers, please stop! You are marring a blog that got me through high school!) I always meant to write some heartfelt, meaningful goodbye post about how much this blog and my readers meant to me, but it felt so permanent that I couldn't bring myself to do it. So this blog has been hanging here, open-ended and never updated. My apologies.

Here's the bad news, although I doubt it's a surprise to anyone: This blog has indeed run its course. No more updates. I've moved on to a new stage of my life (I'm a college graduate now, y'all!) and while I still want to be/am a writer, I want to write elsewhere. I'm still interested in fashion, but I also want to write about other things. I love self-publishing, but I want to be published by others, too. So on that note, I just wanted to let you know where on the web you can find me these days.

My main site right now is It has up-to-date contact info in case you want to get in touch (the email attached to the Fashion-y Blog is no longer in use), but more importantly it has links to articles and other things I have written (including my first book of poetry, which I recently completed!), old interviews about me from my fashion blogging days, and the new blog I just started, which covers any topics that interest me. The first post is up, and there are more to come. The website also hosts things like my resume, because - GET THE WORD OUT! - I'm looking for work. Writing/journalism/communications/social media. If you have any projects you want to collaborate on, please feel free to shoot me an email. I promise to be both professional and lots of fun!

Additionally, I'm still tumblr-ing at I post everything from fashion photography to poetry to recipes I'm experimenting with. I'd love to be your tumblr friend!

I'm sending all the kisses, hugs, and ice cream in the land to anyone who still keeps an eye on this space. That's unexpected dedication. I miss you guys! Please come say hi on my new internet haunts! I'd love to hear from you.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Another Year, Another Purchase

Hey y'all!

I'm 22 today, which feels startlingly old to me! 21 felt like a natural progression of age, but 22 feels like a huge jump! I'm really in my 20s now. And not long from now I'll be done with college and start working in the Real World, and then I'll maybe meet someone and maybe get married and maybe have kids and then never retire because I'll have wasted all my money sending the maybe kids to college, and then I'll grow older and DIE. 22, guys. It all starts now.

Aaaanyway, I ordered myself a gift last week while in a finals-induced haze, but it arrived just in time for my birthday! Which means I get to include it in my annual birthday post. Exciting!

I got the spike necklace and these earrings from the Alex & Chloe for Forever 21 collection. Here are some awkward photo booth pictures of them!

These are the earrings. They are absurdly heavy and I'm not sure I'll ever wear them, but I'm pretty happy with them in terms of appearance and quality.

I'm not sure why the rhinestones in the necklace were picking up pink light here. They are not pink.

You're never too old to take pictures where you look about 5 years old. NEVER.

The verdict: Having birthdays comes highly recommended. So does Alex & Chloe for Forever 21.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide: Luxe Pseudo-Goth

Hello, hello.

The title of this post is a bit misleading, in that I'm not sure this is the type of gift guide one normally considers a gift guide. You see, this isn't a guide to shopping for your mother or your English teacher or even your best friend. It is, however, a guide to shopping for me. (And, you know, yourself.) As far as I can tell, we all deserve to buy ourselves presents! It's been a difficult fall for everyone I know, and as winter approaches, we should reward ourselves for being awesome and hardworking all season long. Plus, it's really hard to buy holiday gifts for other people without buying something for yourself as well. It's a scientific fact.

But this gift guide isn't just special in its selfishness; it's special because it has a theme. Are you impressed yet? I keep finding myself drawn to accessories I have graaandly dubbed "luxe pseudo-goth." These are items that are dark and rich, meant to be worn with messy hair and some serious attitude. They are a play between soft and hard, opulent and minimalist. I like them - you should too!

1. Alex & Chloe for Forever 21 Spiked Pendant Necklace: The hardness of the black spike and chain are offset by sparkling rhinestones! I ordered this for myself last night when I was trying to shop for my sister, shh!

2. Alex & Chloe for Forever 21 Pearlescent Chandeliers: Pearls and spikes - what could be better? I may have ordered this for myself too, double-shh!

3. OPI Nail Polish in Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous: On its own, this nail polish is far from Gothic, but ages ago I saw an editorial pairing dark silver nails with black, ripped-up clothing and I haven't been able to forget about it!

4. Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey: I've been wanting to try this cult favorite for a long time. Sleek and dark in the tube, light and universally flattering on the lips. Or so I've been told.

5. Vans Authentic Lo Pro Sneaker in Astral Aura: It's been a month or two since I started obsessing over these. I imagine them worn with black - black party dress, black skinny jeans...

6. ASOS Chain Detail Lace Cuff: The lace makes them feminine, the chains give them a slight edge, and the lack of finger or thumb holes keep them out of Madonna territory.

7. Coilhouse Magazine: Alt culture inspiration is a must for the pseudo-goth, and I can't think of anywhere better to find it than a self-described "love letter to alternative culture." Plus, it doesn't hurt that I've pictured every item on this gift/wish-list being worn by co-founding editor Zoetica Ebb at least once. (I mean, c'mon - those shoes are the exact same color as her trademark hair!) At the very least, tuck it under your arm for added street cred.

...And there you have it! Seven good reasons why there is no longer any good excuse for buying me presents I don't like. Mwahahaha. (I jest, but only a little.)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Harajuku Mini

YOU GUYS, since when has Gwen Stefani been designing children's clothing for Target? And why didn't I know about this? Isn't it basically the cutest thing in the world?!!!

I spent some time tonight thinking about trying to squeeze myself into that little fuzzy hoodie (it looks really cozy, okay?) and finally realized that I need to let this one go. I spent some time sobbing in bed, but I decided to pour my feelings into writing a poem about this terrible night:

O grim-look'd night! O night with hue so black!
O night, which ever art when day is not!
O night, O night! alack, alack, alack!

Okay, fine. That's by Shakespeare. But I feel like he really gets me, you know?

What I'd really like is a piece from Gwen's L.A.M.B. line, but that's about as likely as fitting into the Harajuku Mini fuzzy hoodie. Sigh.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Boston Fashion Week 2011

And finally, here it is...the Boston Fashion Week 2011 post!

Sadly, my homework interfered a lot with my ability to attend shows and events. I had to decline several invitations in favor of Chaucer and astronomy, so I ultimately only made it to a single show, Daniel Faucher Couture. But what a show it was! Boston Fashion Week was quite a scene this year.

But first thing's first: What did I wear?

A Bebop dress (you can't see here, but the back has a funky exposed zipper), H&M faux leather jacket (which I mostly carried around because it was a warmer night than I had anticipated), The Sak bag, and THE Rockport boots.

Let's take a closer look at those, shall we?

Yum, right?! This was my first time wearing them for a significant period of time, and while they looked beautiful, I have to be honest with you: they hurt. Not at first. Many Rockport shoes, including these ones, use Adidas technology to make their shoes more comfortable. And man, do you notice the difference. I can hardly walk in anything higher than two inches, so the fact that I don't feel wobbly in these tall platform boots is a damn miracle. I was fine on the way to the show, fine during the show, and fine after, but when I decided to take a 10-minute walk down Boylston Street, my toes began to feel like they were permanently damaged from supporting all my weight. I have a feeling this is normal for high heels (I wouldn't know!) but I had hoped the Adidas technology would help avoid this. I ended up swapping them for a pair of beat-up black flats so as to avoid the possibility of gangrene on the way home. (I am NOT being melodramatic! Okay, so maybe I am.)

The bottom line on the boots is this, though: They are gorgeous enough that when I caught a lot of people staring at me on the street I knew it was due to the boots, they are easier to walk in than any other shoes of that height I have ever tried on, and I really love them. Thank you, Rockport.

My friend Rebecca accompanied me to the show, and she seemed to have no such problems with her (really cute) shoes. But then, she's an expert in the field of heel-wearing. She looked utterly stylish in jeans, strappy sandals, beautiful heavy earrings (they pulled her earlobes but she informed me one must suffer for fashion!), a lace shirt, and a tank top she cleverly wore backwards over it.

We arrived at the Mandarin Oriental a half hour early and made our way through the lobby, up the stairs, and (after signing in), into the pre-show lounge. Now that was something: pretty little accessory displays, mixed drinks, tuxedo-clad waiters passing cupcakes on silver trays, and a crowd full of Bostonians dressed to the nines. We got on line to enter the fashion week tent located in the nearby courtyard, snapping photos like crazy people.

Everyone filtered into the tent, the photographers set up in the press pit, and the fashion elite made their way to the front row. Rebecca and I contentedly found a pair of seats at the back and waited for the show to start. The murmur of excited whispers continued even as the models pranced down the runway, and the audience audibly gasped over some of the more dramatic looks.

My verdict? Daniel Faucher makes beautiful dresses. Not all of them were my taste, but all had elegant silhouettes and really lovely movement. I favored some of the more unique pieces over the sparkles, poofy lace, and wedding dresses, but I could appreciate all.

Here are some of my favorites:

By the end of the show, the models were twirling about the runway in head-to-toe white...

...and I was ready to get to bed. After, of course, settling down with a cup of tea and a pile of homework. Ah, the life of a student is glamorous!

Did you make it to any Boston Fashion Week events?

Friday, September 30, 2011

MY Dress

This McQueen dress has been part of my header for so long (years!) that whenever I spy it in a photograph, I immediately think, "Oh, that's MY dress!" It really does feel like mine, at this point. I actually have the photo in my header torn out from Vogue and hanging over my bed at home. It's just so pretty. I think it would be so special to own.

And honestly, I can't think of a better way to rock the dress than with spiky purple hair and a dog I initially mistook for a pig. You go grrl!

Boston Fashion Week update soon.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Boston Fashion Week!

Hello, hello!

Here's a quick reminder to any Boston-area fashion enthusiasts: get thee to Boston Fashion Week! The event gets better and better every year, which is something I know even though I haven't attended as many events as I'd like.

Last year I attended the Sip 'n Swap, and it comes highly recommended. Fellow Jews may be saddened by the fact that it occurs during Rosh Hashona (SO sorrowful!), specifically during the period of time we will be stuffing our faces with swirled raisin challah, kugel, and if we're lucky, brisket. But non-Jews or non-observant Jews, go forth to yon great event and rejoice! Here's a reminder of last year's spoils:

Mm mm mm! That skirt, no? I can't get past it. If you make it out there, tell Amy I say hi. She is fab. (P.S. I might skip Rosh Hashona dinner and go. It is that good.)

Other events that you'll attend if you know what's good for you:
  • As many runway shows as you can weasel your way into (DUDES, New York isn't the only fashion week with tents!), especially The Launch because it looks rad and you should always support emerging designers
  • Emerging Trends. Pricier than I can afford on a college student's budget, but if you're willing to shell out $50+ I hear it is the event to be at. We're talking international, emerging designers in New England's biggest fashion show. You sold yet? (If not, just check out the pretty website)
  • Look at You Boston (starting today), which is an exhibit of street style images by Martini Severin of Beyond Boston Chic. I met her once at an event hosted by Rockport Shoes, and she was super nice, to the point of yanking a particularly stubborn boot off my foot when I was in a pickle and too shy to ask for help. Also, she takes amazing photographs and has quite the eye for style. (Also, Rockport gifted me the most beautiful pair of boots approximately one year ago, and I have yet to share them with you! For shame, Kori! I promise to wear them during fashion week and give you a peek - they are glorious!)
  • Surrur, which is a DIY workshop hosted by Marimekko! I love Marimekko, and I love DIY. I am so down. I couldn't find a specific link for you guys, but you can locate the workshop on the BFW schedule for 9/23
    Oh forget it. You should just attend everything. And say hi if you see me! (I'll be wearing beautiful boots!)