Sunday, September 18, 2011

Boston Fashion Week!

Hello, hello!

Here's a quick reminder to any Boston-area fashion enthusiasts: get thee to Boston Fashion Week! The event gets better and better every year, which is something I know even though I haven't attended as many events as I'd like.

Last year I attended the Sip 'n Swap, and it comes highly recommended. Fellow Jews may be saddened by the fact that it occurs during Rosh Hashona (SO sorrowful!), specifically during the period of time we will be stuffing our faces with swirled raisin challah, kugel, and if we're lucky, brisket. But non-Jews or non-observant Jews, go forth to yon great event and rejoice! Here's a reminder of last year's spoils:

Mm mm mm! That skirt, no? I can't get past it. If you make it out there, tell Amy I say hi. She is fab. (P.S. I might skip Rosh Hashona dinner and go. It is that good.)

Other events that you'll attend if you know what's good for you:
  • As many runway shows as you can weasel your way into (DUDES, New York isn't the only fashion week with tents!), especially The Launch because it looks rad and you should always support emerging designers
  • Emerging Trends. Pricier than I can afford on a college student's budget, but if you're willing to shell out $50+ I hear it is the event to be at. We're talking international, emerging designers in New England's biggest fashion show. You sold yet? (If not, just check out the pretty website)
  • Look at You Boston (starting today), which is an exhibit of street style images by Martini Severin of Beyond Boston Chic. I met her once at an event hosted by Rockport Shoes, and she was super nice, to the point of yanking a particularly stubborn boot off my foot when I was in a pickle and too shy to ask for help. Also, she takes amazing photographs and has quite the eye for style. (Also, Rockport gifted me the most beautiful pair of boots approximately one year ago, and I have yet to share them with you! For shame, Kori! I promise to wear them during fashion week and give you a peek - they are glorious!)
  • Surrur, which is a DIY workshop hosted by Marimekko! I love Marimekko, and I love DIY. I am so down. I couldn't find a specific link for you guys, but you can locate the workshop on the BFW schedule for 9/23
    Oh forget it. You should just attend everything. And say hi if you see me! (I'll be wearing beautiful boots!)


    Lindsay B said...

    Hey! I might be at the Swap! I'll look for you!

    punky said...

    haha, You are too cute!

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