Monday, November 1, 2010

Exclusively In

Sites like Exclusively.In are the ones that make me want to marry rich. It may be an members-only deals site with what seems to be the exactly design of Gilt Group, but it's definitely on the pricey side. Not that I resent this at all; the intricate imported clothing, jewelry, and accessories look like they should be expensive. How else could this kind of workmanship exist? I say this having no idea what the workmanship actually is, given that I cannot afford to check this out for you, but it seems like it would be excellent, doesn't it? Everything's so gorgeous!

No, I don't resent the prices of Exclusively.In at all. Not when a scroll through the site makes me coo over everything, sit back happily, and consider an excursion to New Delhi or the textiles section at the MFA. I'm guessing a trip to the MFA is more likely in my immediate future, but you never know. A girl can dream...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cute Magazine Alert!

I'm always keeping an eye out for new online magazines. Dujour isn't strictly an online magazine (it's available in print too, which is great because you know how I feel about print!), and it isn't new, but it does look adorable. Read the latest issue online, subscribe to the print edition here, or read the incredibly cute blog here.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Young Love

I decided long ago that when I grew up and made my millions (as an English/Creative Writing major, laugh all you want), I would buy a single expensive handbag. I would use that handbag forever, thus justifying it's ludicrous price tag. In a previous life, this handbag would be a Balenciaga City motorcycle bag, which I fell in love with after realizing that the cheap bag I carried til it fell apart was a knockoff of the $1,445 original. (On a side note, will you look at what I'm wearing in the post I linked to from "cheap bag"? Things have changed so much - including my style - and yet I'm still wearing those same over-the-knee socks.) Anyway, the realization that my beloved, yet sadly shredded/disintegrated bag, was available in long-lasting buttery leather was enough for me. My desire for the Balenciaga bag was born.

This love, as I mentioned was in a previous life. I have transferred my affections to something a little more special, something not cradled on the arms of countless Hollywood celebrities.

My new dream bag is $567 - still something to buy after I make my fortune - and made of supple (I imagine) black leather. The hardware is gold. There are buckles, zippers, and several pockets. There is an option to wear it over the shoulder or across the body. My new dream bag is...


The Eva/Harris bag by CC Skye. And it is glorious.

Ain't she jes' a bewt?

Ah, to be young and in love!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Swapping It Up

The clothing swap/Boston blogger mixer on Thursday was positively epic. I started the night a bit bedraggled due to the intense wind that determinedly buffeted my hair around and blew up my dress as I trudged around Porter Square.

I wore a dress from Nordstrom, my trusty Steve Madden combat boots, and Target socks. My studded bag is Nine West.

My friend Elizabeth braved the wind with me as well, but somehow she managed to look fresh and neat by the time we got to the swap location. Unfair!

The blogger mixer was fun, but the real excitement was the swap! We spent a few hours gazing over the balcony at the calm before the storm.

...and then the swap started. It was an absolute madhouse. The rows and rows of racks were devoid of clothes within minutes. Every time I blinked, I swear some item I was eying disappeared. It was all gone so fast!

So what did I score? Here are the highlights:

A long gray loosely woven sweater, layered lace top, and printed tunic.

Pink skirt by 120% Lino, Elie Tahari printed top, and H&M tunic.

My favorite item was the skirt. Just look at the gorgeous detailing!

In addition to swapping, there were a few vendors in attendance. I was gifted the raddest belt by Proxy Apparel. It's made of soda can tabs and is both 100% recycled and 100% fair trade. I was a huge fan of all the things Proxy had to sell, especially when I found out their mission is "to empower and employ women in a sweatshop-free sustainable world." So cool.

As the evening wound down, the bloggers gathered in a makeshift dressing area to put together outfits made of swap items. It was not easy! We then walked the runway to the cheers of watching swappers. It was an experience, to say the least. Lots of smiles.

Elizabeth's outfit consisted solely of swap items. It was very '70s.

My outfit was entirely swapped too. And yes, that is a jacketless hood on my head. No big.

Phew, what a night! We left tired but happy. Check out The Swapaholics on flickr to see more snaps from the night, including the chaos of the swap itself, the amazing looks put together by other bloggers, and a photo of me on the runway in which my face looks like a grandmother's.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Hello, my darling grasshoppers.

Let's talk about what I'm excited about:

Nicole Lee bags at Target. I know nothing about these, except for the fact that they are way more detailed than you'd ever expect at a store like Target.

Boston Fashion Week. With my busy class schedule, I don't have time for many events, but I am hitting a clothing swap and blogger mixer Thursday evening. Cannot wait. I will, of course, bring my camera and share the madness with you! (unless it interferes too much with grabbing the best swap goodies, that is.) If any Bostonians are reading this blog and end up attending the swap, please come find me and say hi! I'll be the one with messy hair and scuffed combat boots.

♥ Finally hearing what some of my favorite bloggers actually sound like. I've always known that Susie Bubble would have a great British accent, but after watching this video I want to be her best friend. She seems like such a doll, no?! And Jane Aldridge seems so young and bubbly in her Style Like U video. Plus, look at her closet, will you not? Good lord.

♥ Spring 2011 Pucci and Cavalli. Both are absolutely glamorous and gorgeous and unique and iuhniugfoijfnew. Plus, there is a particular pair of lace-up over-the-knee boots from Pucci that I want to lick. Or wear. One or the other.

♥ The absurdity of The Pyramid Collection. I unexpectedly received their catalogue in the mail and opened it to find a collection of clothing, jewelry, Halloween costumes, and ... sex toys? Yeah. I'm super amused. Even though there are quite a few things from the shop I'd be happy to own. Like this ring, for example. Or this pretty little number. Or my future wedding dress. Not to get carried away or anything.

Nullnetwork's cheap, unique jewelry. I saw their stuff, expected a hefty price tag, and gasped with joy when I realized they were more than reasonable. Score! I am eyeing the octopus ring.

Alright, time to read some Freud. Or go to bed. I need my beauty sleep for swap success tomorrow! Wish me luck!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

In Which It is Too Early to Write Coherently

Dear Readers,

I am writing to you bright and early this morning because I was woken by a startling realization: my fashion sense is going down a scary route called Country Farmer. Okay, yes, the heat in my dorm coming on at 6:45 am with a horrendously loud clanking has something to do with my early wake-up. And okay, yes, my burnt fingers are throbbing a bit as I type this (Why must I always investigate possible heat through touch?), but the literal wake up call that my styling sensibilities lean toward the Old MacDonald end of things makes for a much more dramatic story. So let's go with that.

Anyway, if you're a longtime reader, you know me to a certain extent. I was already halfway there. I live in plaid flannel and jeans. My hair is perpetually messy. I have a soft spot for motorcycle and/or combat boots. But oh, it gets worse.

Those shoes I was lusting after the other day? It didn't take long to realize that I didn't really want winter wedges. Inconvenient for walking across campus, and - let's face it - I tend to wobble a bit on anything taller than about an inch. What I really wanted was another pair of lace-up boots. Brown ones. Ones that didn't come up as high as my combat boots. Ones that were a bit more rugged. Ones like these:

I ordered them last night. And I'm excited about them. Real live work boots made by a company best known for selling "hand-crafted, authentic cowboy boots since 1879." Oh, the shame! But you have to admit, the details on the front are pretty damn cute. Can't you just imagine them with black tights, thick socks, and plaid flannel?

See? Farmer, farmer, farmer!

Please don't shun me.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

And It Happens Again

These shoes have caught my eye in a major way.

Aesthetically pleasing, comfortable-looking, versatile, and on sale for $44.99. At Kohl's, of all places. Am seriously contemplating adding them to my winter shoe collection (let's face it - boots are the best kind of shoe), but...

Can a poor college student (me) with three pairs of boots that merit regular rotation on her feet actually drop $50 from her dwindling bank account? Not until I get a job, I think. Which I am working on.

This is part of the reason my blogging isn't as regular as it used to be. I need the funds!

Also, let it be known that I lust over shoes on a regular basis. Only, these ones have me extra excited. Is it just me, or are they kind of perfect to pair with flannel on chilly days?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Backpack Love

Hi, lovelies!

(photo via)

Last weekend I'm pretty sure I found Fashion Heaven. Not High Fashion Heaven, mind you. Nothing neat or tidy. I'm talking gritty, fun, exotic fashion. Messy and bursting with color. Bohemian. Overflowing from little shops out onto the street. Kensington Market in Toronto, folks, is Fashion Heaven indeed. The feel of the neighborhood alone had me hooked, but the jumble of vintage and Indian pieces for sale had me salivating with greed. Attractive, no?

I could've spent hours and hours there, but sadly I had to make it to the airport. I did, however, score a fantastic (Guatemalan?) woven backpack from a little army surplus store. Today I managed to snap some photos for you. Look how pretty it is! Loooove!




Wearing: Love on a Hanger tank via Nordstrom Rack (best cut tank ever!). Gap chambray skirt. Steve Madden combat boots. Urban Outfitters print belt. Forever 21 chandelier earrings. Army surplus backpack.

Off to school in four days! Summer's finally coming to a close. I'm simultaneously packing, savoring my final days at home, and excitedly anticipating the new school year. It's seriously busy around here! The only reason I had time for this post is because I am an expert procrastinator. Truth.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Gone Cloggin': The Affordable Edition

Thanks to Chanel and Miu Miu, the fashion crowd has been embracing the new clog trend whole-heartedly. Well, not entirely whole-heartedly. There are definitely those who can't seem to look past the hated clogs of yesteryear. I understand, but my main hesitation when it comes to putting those backless babies on my feet has been entirely different. Sure, clogs are clogs, but I like 'em. Have you seen Alexa Chung in them? Super cute! My problem is that they're always so darn expensive. And yes, in my opinion, $100 Jeffery Campbell shoes are expensive. So what to do? As an obsessive online fashion geek, it was a simple matter to troll the web for some cheaper options. And since I made the effort, now you don't have to! You're welcome. Check it out:

1. Payless, $24.99. I'm rather partial to this pair, actually, although I couldn't tell you if they look really cheap in person. I do like that they're a reasonable height, though, and you know I'm always down for anything with studs.

2. Target, $24.99. Studs again! And they're from Target, aka my faaaavorite store! Clogs, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

3. Baker's Shoes, $69.99. These ones look a lot more like the Chanel ones people have been raving about. Only they're about a million times cheaper. Go get 'em, Tiger.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Reasons Why Print Will/Should Not Go Away

I love magazines, and I love books. That's pretty much a given if you so much as glance at this blog. And while I find the online ones fun and different, and while I find readers like the Kindle to be a convenient idea, the concept of print being replaced is enough to bring me to tears. Take one look around my room, and print is the overwhelming theme. The walls are completely lined with photographs torn out from the likes of Nylon, Elle, and Vogue. I have shelves and shelves of books, with magazines and stray novels scattered across the floor. Lula has its own cherished little section in my closet where the thick, glossy pages are safe from the possibility of spilled food or accidental crumpling. In short, I am obsessed with print.

I know there are plenty of people like me out there, but will we be enough to save print? In my opinion, that's really not the issue. Print-obsessed or no, I am increasingly convinced that the existence of print actually has a lot of things going for it. So let's talk about a few of them.

1. To me, this is the most important point. There's just something nice about being able to hold a publication in my hands. I like flipping the pages, being able to scribble hasty notes in the margins, or even clipping things out. I like the feel of smooth magazine paper and the different - but equally intoxicating - smells of books both old and new. I even like that the best-loved books are always the most worn out. There's something just so comforting and tangible about print. Also, as one of the editors at Boston Magazine pointed out the other day, what happens to bedtime stories if print goes away? It's not like the parent can say, "Okay, honey, go ahead and turn the page." There are no pages. Maybe the kid can click or scroll, but does that really have the same effect? A lot of parents don't like their children to touch expensive electronics, so there goes the idea of the child getting to hold the book too. And it will be a sad day when my future son or daughter can't run to the bookshelf and grab their favorite book for me to read. No, I don't think print could possibly decline to that extent. At least in the near future.

2. Print lends itself to being read on the toilet. It's just a fact. I'm not gonna bring my expensive Kindle into the bathroom, but a $6 paperback? Why not! Is that too much information to put out on the internet? Do I even care?

3. Sharing works better with print. You can't really lend your friend the magazine on your iPad or let them borrow that new book on your Kindle. They can buy it, but they can't really borrow it. I love sharing. It's easy on the pocket and definitely a bonding experience. Are we really willing to give that up?

4. Print has variety. I don't want to read from the same device every time. And I suspect others feel the same way. We're a world of short attention spans these days, what with the internet stimulating our brains every second. The last thing we need is a little tedium.

5. Experience shows that print isn't going away any time soon. We all have mp3 players now, but CDs are still around. Less popular, yes. Pushed to the background, yes. But they are very much present. If you're feeling iffy about this, take a look at your car. Does it have a CD player? I thought so.

Of course, there are a lot of pros to the end of print as well. The fact that we wouldn't have to make paper aka kill the environment, for example. Only - and I don't pretend to have done any research into this kind of thing - check out this quote from entrepreneur Jay Walker's TED talk:

"And what does a lump of coal have to do with the Internet? You see, it takes the energy in one lump of coal to move one megabyte of information across the net. So every time you download a file, each megabyte is a lump of coal."

Did you ever think about that?

Just saying there are multiple sides to every argument. And that print is here to stay.

What do you think about the end of print? Coming quickly, coming slowly, or not coming at all? How do you feel about it? Can you think of any more reasons why print is or isn't becoming obsolete?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What I've been up to the past year or so...

...writing poetry like the nerd that I am. I decided to share a poem of mine with you all, even though it makes me nervous to put something up that's so different from my usual bubbly fashion writing. Please be kind.

The best time to visit your old playground

is at night.

The moonlight glances

upon legs like skinned knees,

the sand clinging to them

when you kneel,

little pebbles leaving

dents in your skin

as if the memory of

schoolyard laughter were

trying to burrow underneath.

The chains on the swings rasp

eerie lullabies in the breeze, and

you can almost see the

little girl you once were

perched there,

kicking her legs,


The trees are alive and

you are sleeping.

By the beech tree there

you made moss beds for

fairies and

tasted earth on your fingers,

traced the shape of your

grandmother’s face in the soil

when she passed,

tore the legs from

that spider once as a dare

and waited ‘til the other kids left to

whisper a quick prayer,

give it a hasty burial

beneath the jungle gym,

and blow it kisses you

would never waste on a boy

back then.

Even now you are

still sorry.

I think he’s still waiting for you

by the blacktop,

the boy with the curls you

used to twist and pull.

Walk over now and

lace fingers,

press kisses on his collarbone,

speed off in his

gray Honda

and wipe the cuts

from your knees and

tell him how happy you are

to leave this godforsaken town.

Do not mention how much

you miss it.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Simply Beautiful

Hello, darlings! I figured it was time to make good on my promise to post again, so here I am posting the very next day. I know, I'm proud of myself too!

It feels like a good time to rave about the absolute best beauty purchases I've made lately. Usually I just wash my face with Burt's Bees orange essence facial cleanser, throw on some generic drug store concealer, and call it a day, but there are two new additions to my beauty routine that are so wonderful I feel that it's my duty to share. They'll change your life - err, well, at the very least they'll change your beauty regimen - I promise. Lucky you!

Okay, first thing's first. Has anyone else tried H&M's new lip balm? It is glorious!

I usually wear plain old chapstick, because while lip gloss is more fun, I can't help but associate slickly shimmering lips with my painful middle school years. H&M's lip balm finds a perfect marriage between balm and gloss. It adds a bit of shimmer, but not too much, and it soaks into your lips just enough that you don't feel like your hair's going to stick to your mouth all day. Plus, despite the fact that it's labelled as vanilla-flavored, it pretty much just smells like warm, faint beeswax. Mmm. Doesn't taste bad, either, which is always a plus. And my perpetually chapped lips have never felt so smooth.

Moving on:

A long time ago I wrote that I was not a huge perfume fan. It seemed to me an invasion of other people's noses, one that they may not actually enjoy. However, this was before I stumbled upon The Scent That No One Could Possibly Hate. That's right - such a thing does in fact exist. And it's called Vanille Eau de Toilette by L'Aromarine.

I stumbled upon the cute French vintage-style bottle at Anthropologie the other day, and a little voice inside encouraged me to try spritzing a bit on my wrists. I sniffed hesitantly, then enthusiastically. This was it! The cheap perfume I had been looking for since I realized Serendipitous by Serendipity 3 and Pilar & Lucy's The Exact Friction of Stars were out of my price range. It smells like vanilla - warm, sugary vanilla. It's subtle enough that you could almost convince someone you weren't even wearing perfume, just lotion maybe, but strong enough that it doesn't wear away completely within a few hours. Plus, when the initial sugary scent fades, you're left with a quintessentially vanilla smell (kind of like slightly sweeter vanilla extract) that feels a bit richer and deeper than before. Mmm. It's my new favorite, especially at under $20 a pop.

My next step is to check out the rest of L'Aromarine's scents. The packaging is just too pretty to pass up! See for yourself.

Alright, folks. Have a great 4th of July! I'm off to Montreal for the weekend!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Hi, everyone! Long time no see. I've been wanting to post for a while, but since it's been so long since I've written, I keep feeling like I can't post just anything. It has to be epic. Unfortunately, there seems to be a shortage of epic blog fodder around here, so I keep putting it off. Anyway, today I decided I was sick of waiting for something epic, and decided to just post. It's called living on the edge.

I did something kind of exciting since I last posted. I got a tattoo:

It's nothing super special - just a tiny crescent moon on my right shoulder - but I love it. It only shows when I'm wearing tank tops, so most of the time it's just my little (badass) secret. Kind of a confidence booster in the vein of wearing cute underwear when you're the only one who knows about it. Inner smiles and all that. Anyway, I think it's classy. I'm not so sure my mother agrees.

While I had my camera out to document my tattoo, I decided to snap a photo of my new ring as well. It's from Target (also known as one of my favorite stores in the universe), and it's shaped like a snake. I like looking down and feeling like I have a little friend snuggled around my thumb. Is that creepy?

As you can see, I also walked around carrying an amethyst all day. Ahem. Kidding. Bangles were a gift from a friend traveling in India. Nail polish is by Sinful Colors and is actually black with little blue sparkles in it. I'm a fan, even if it seems to chip within a day.

Sorry for the lack of epic-ness, and the lack of posting. I hope everyone's summer is going well. Mine certainly is. I've been interning in the editorial department at Boston Magazine and spending lots of time getting lost in the woods. Good stuff. Anyway, that's about all. I'll try to post again soon. If you're frustrated by my major suckage as a blogger (I know I am), check out my tumblr. It's still going strong.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


I stayed up late tonight because I was absorbed in the movie "Cracks." I found it engrossing - though highly disturbing - but the best part was that it was visually stunning. I would watch it just for the fashion alone. I thought I'd share some of my favorite screen caps because I'm too tired to write out an ode to the costume designer, even though she/he deserves it.




Oh, to be in the '30s with hair as perfectly styled as Eva Green's!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


So, I gave in. Finally.

Check out my Tumblr, please! And if any of you have Tumblrs, let me know in the comments and I will definitely stop by.

It's not just about fashion - although that is a predominant theme - but all things that inspire me. So far it's been really easy to post there often, so if you're missing my frequent posting here (which, to be honest, has not been frequent in a very long time...sorry, lovelies!), do take a look.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Out of Print

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with all things literary. I've been a bookworm for as long as I can remember, and most nights I sleep in a worn out George Orwell 1984 t-shirt I stole from my brother. So naturally, I love the concept behind Out of Print Clothing. Each t-shirt is printed with a book title and "treated to feel soft and worn like a well-read book." Furthermore, for each t-shirt sold, a book is donated to a community in need.

I'll take the Catcher in the Rye one, please.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cotton From Blue to Green

I've been lustfully eyeing this denim jacket from Gap since it hit the website:

I want it. Badly. I already have a denim jacket (which I never wear) but I don't care. Its silvery buttons and classic shape pale in comparison to the exposed golden hardware and motorcycle silhouette of this particular Gap beauty. I could wear it with sweet floral dresses and combat boots, or even just with a white tee and jeans. Either way it would be glorious.

The Problem: There goes $69.50 I can't justify.

The Solution: Gap is involved with this awesome program called Cotton from Blue to Green. The gist is that you can bring an old pair of jeans into Gap stores until March 14th. Donated jeans will be converted into UltraTouch Natural Cotton Fiber Insulation, which will be given to communities that need them to assist with building efforts. In exchange for your donation, Gap will give you 30% off new denim purchases.

And $48.50 for a kick-ass jacket, along with knowing I helped communities in need; now that's something I can justify. The only obstacle is figuring out how/when I can actually get to Gap. Ah, the trials and tribulations of a college student.

For more information check out the Cotton From Blue to Green website.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


I've never been a girly girl.

Actually, that's a lie. When I was very young my favorite colors were pink and purple, I wore fancy dresses to the dinner table every night because my parents wouldn't allow me to wear them to school, and I wanted to be a princess when I grew up. So let's change that statement.

The last time I was a girly girl was about age 6.

Anyway, despite this fact, I always get an itch to wear florals after a few months of winter weather. Right now, I am eyeing the most sickeningly sweet floral dresses and feeling my resolve not to spend - and my wallet - dwindling. They are oh so pretty and I want them to be mine oh so badly! Also, the Liberty of London for Target bicycle? Floral high-tops? I've been good!

Here's my little ode to the coming of Spring, aka my greedy little wish list. Click for a bigger version!


Gorgeous, no? And reasonably priced as well!

Clockwise from the top left:
1. Floral corset dress. $59.50. Victoria's Secret Pink. This is kind of my dream summer outfit, not gonna lie.
2. Floral maxi dress. $39.99. I Heart Ronson at JC Penney. The smocking and zipper detail at the top really make the dress special.
4. Floral Bicycle by Liberty of London x Target. $199.00. Available March 14th at Target. I don't ride bikes, but I totally would if I owned this baby, if only because I would look amazing on it.

What do you think?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Review: Teen Vogue Haute Spot App

Greetings! How is everyone? I've been having a good break, but I absolutely can't wait to get back to school. Complacency doesn't sit so well after a semester spent buried in mounds of books and coursework. Anyway, since I've had all this free time, I finally got around to updating the software in my itouch, which means that I can download apps and the like. Hooray! As many of you know, I'm a big Teen Vogue fan, so immediately downloaded the Teen Vogue Haute Spot app. I thought I'd share my impressions with you after a few days fiddling around with it.

Let's start with the good : It's a fun app with a lot of potential. Well-designed, with a cheerful, friendly vibe that goes perfectly with my conception of the magazine. The two parts of the app I've been spending my time exploring are "The Closet" and "Community." "The Closet" is full of sets like "Tomboy Prep" or "Grunge Cool" that feature a range of different clothing and accessories. The "Community" section is broken up into "My Style," "Trends," "Inspiration," and "On the Street" - subsections that allow girls to post pictures of their style and what inspires them. It's a cool idea, one that has worked well online on sites like Weardrobe and even Teen Vogue but has yet to be available on an app - until now.

My problem is that the app, while full of potential to be great, just isn't. Yet.

In a Brandweek article, Teen Vogue publisher Laura McEwen described "The Closet" part of the app, saying, "It is as if you're walking into the store and closets of Teen Vogue." The article also stressed that while the content would be a blend of editorial and advertising, there would be a clear distinction made between the two. Er, not the case. I've been to the Teen Vogue offices, and I can assure you that the closets are packed with goodies. In the Haute Spot app, I was sorely disappointed by the quantity of the available "Closet" items. Four categories, each featuring between 20 and 30 items of clothing and accessories each sums it up. Sure, that's a lot of stuff to go through in person, but on an itouch you can scroll past them in a second. A swipe of the finger and you're done. I need more options to keep me interested. And as for the distinction between editorial picks and advertising, well, there isn't one. It may not be absolutely necessary, but I like to know these things, and the Brandweek article's information on that front was misleading.

As for the Community aspect of the app, the four subsections are unnecessary, because each one features the same kind of content. This may be more of a testament to the kind of girls who submit pictures to the app, but most of the content was directly lifted from The Closet or other girls' submissions, so the whole thing is kind of repetitive. The other featured pictures are not largely engrossing - a handful of those self-taken myspace-style "sexy" poses, several mainstream runway photos, and a variety of Gossip Girl stars, tame outfit photos, and some miscellaneous things. God this sounds negative. It's not supposed to be. The app is designed for teen girls with an interest in style, not 20-year-old fashion bloggers, and maybe that's why things turned out this way. But these girls - don't they deserve some exposure to something a bit further from the high school hallways? A bit of a lesson in creativity, just so they know what's out there? A chance to develop a more unique personal style? My point is this: with more available picks from the editors and a bit more spice from the community, this app could be a great tool for fashion inspiration and style sharing.

So here's your mission, brave readers. Get the app. It's free until January 22nd from the App Store and fairly entertaining, so you really have no reason not to. And for the love of God upload some fantastic pics to the "Community"; I have faith in you!