Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hair Secrets

My hair, as you've probably noticed, is brown. It's always been brown. It's not black, as so many deluded people seem to believe, and it's made up of a single shade (no natural highlights.) In fact, the closest I've ever come to dying it was the unfortunate year or so when my nine-year-old self found excitement in dragging several goopy hair mascara wands over my poor locks. (Remember that stuff? Ughh!)

Anyway, I've been harboring a semi-secret. You see, I've always had a bit of a desire to dye my hair some unnatural color. I'm terrified of bleaching it, which is probably why I've never done it. I know that my hair wouldn't stay bleached, since I would dye it afterward, but the idea of being blond for even a moment freaks me out. Not to mention it's supposed to be pretty damaging to your hair. So yes, I'm a hair-dying wimp. I have no problem letting a hair stylist hack off all my hair into a pixie, but the instant the bleach bottle comes out, I'm shaking in my boots. Call me crazy.

The result of this irrational fear is a resolution to dye my hair "some day." When I announced my intention to a classmate recently, I believe the response was something along the lines of, "You want to dye your hair? Like a punk?" accompanied by a grimace.

Which made me think about how lately I've been noticing unnatural hair colors becoming more mainstream.

Photo credits (starting at top from left to right): Numero via R.O.F.Y., Style Scout, ElleGirl's The New It Girls, Anna Sui Spring 2008, source no longer available, Samantha from Sex & the City (okay, it's a wig, not dye...but doesn't she look amazing?), Miss Gala, Teen Vogue's Love Song, Anna Sui Spring 2008, Facehunter, The Sartorialist

I don't mean that I expect it to be showing up everywhere sometime soon, but I do mean that it seems to be a bit more popular with the fashion crowd. It's no longer just for "punks" - as my classmate put it - but for the kind of people who appear in teen fashion glossies and get snapped by the Sartorialist. And let's face it- that's a pretty elite crowd. The Sart definitely has a taste for impeccable, well-tailored, why-yes-I-am-a-fashion-editor styles.

So will I be dying my hair anytime soon? Probably not. But it's something to think about.

Oh, and you wanna hear another hair secret? I absolutely adore dreadlocks. . .

Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Two Cents

Harper's Bazaar isn't a magazine I ever really look at, but my grandma has a subscription, so she gave me few recent copies to read when I visited last weekend.

As I flipped through the most recent issue, a page filled with pictures of an abnormally svelte, strangely dressed Hillary Clinton caught my eye.

After the initial shock, I calmed down enough to realize that these pictures were the product of Photoshop. "Dressing Mrs. President," declared the header at the top of the page. "Top designers and Robin Givhan give America's would-be first woman president tips on how to get ready on day one."


It's a fun thing to think about - what Hillary should wear if she becomes president - but I am constantly bothered by how much pressure is put on Hillary in regards to her appearance.

As for the article, well, I'd first like to say that the outfits picked are all wrong. Torn fishnets, sparkles, and leopard print berets? Really? Since when has that been appropriate business attire? And, judging by what Hillary has worn in the past, I am in no way convinced that any of these outfits are "her."

But that's pretty much besides the point.

The question that mostly overwhelmed my thoughts as I gazed at the row of designer-clad Hillary's was, "What do we really care about?" Do we want a president who will take the time to keep up with the trends and push the fashion envelope? Or do we want a president who will spend her time running the country?

I know what makes more sense to me.

There is no doubt that it is important for our future president - whoever that may be - to dress in a way that garners respect. The president, as someone who will represent our country, should definitely look clean, professional, and competent. But that, I think, is where the dress obligation ends. Fashion is something that everyone should be free to enjoy and experiment with, but it is a personal decision. The public scrutiny is getting a bit ridiculous.

What do you think?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Springtime Frolic

I bought a few new things while on a mini-shopping spree with my Bubbe on Long Island.

Because today is vacation and the weather has been beautiful, warm, and sunny, my friend Katie and I spent a lazy day walking in the woods, picnicking, and chatting about all sorts of nonsense. I managed to drag her out into my backyard to get a few good shots of some of my new gear, instead of the shoddy indoor ones I normally take with the self timer.

We had fun!

Here I am modeling my new shirt from H&M, my Jovovich-Hawk skirt, and some shoes I just bought for under $10 at Steve & Barry's. The shoes were from the SJP line, and are surprisingly cute! The collection is known to be plain, but these wedges feature studs and a heel that is just short of four inches - which is far from plain. I am surprised I can walk in them without wiping out. I wouldn't call my walk graceful, though. More like pitiful.

It feels very spring-like, no? Bare legs and flowers all the way! Actually, I'm a little uncomfortable in such a short skirt without leggings or tights, but I tried to balance it out with a baggy top. The studs on the shoes hopefully toughened up the look a bit and kept it from looking overly girly.

Speaking of the shoes, here is a close-up of them:

Ignore the smudge of dirt from my backyard frolic / photo shoot. Cute, right? Not the most comfortable, but good enough. They were somewhere around $8.50, after all.

Have you bought anything great recently? Do tell!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


The surprise I've been hinting at is that there is an article about me and this blog in today's issue of the Boston Globe. For the most part I think the reporter did a fabulous job. I was really nervous about this, but it came out very well. Thanks, Susan!

Also, I am nowhere near as hideous as I appear in the accompanying photo. I have no delusions about my appearance, but that is not how I normally look, I swear. The photographer was creative and seemed very good at his job, but I guess I should leave the modeling to Agyness.

What, you mean I've been rambling on and on about something you haven't even seen yet? Here's the link to the article. . . I may or may not have gushed about Susie Bubble an embarrassing amount. . .

Friday, April 18, 2008

Arts Connection

So today we had the second of several fantastic workshops that have been taking place at my school. Run by the amazing Iyeoka, the workshops explore the connections between music, dance, art, and writing. I have a bit of a nonsexual-yes-I-still-like-boys girlcrush on Iyeoka - it's rare to meet someone so confident with such a rhythmic, powerful speaking voice and an even more beautiful singing voice. I kind of want to be her. She just exudes this aura of strength and self-love, and you can tell in an instant that music and language are something she lives and breathes.

Anyway, the workshop got me thinking about how fashion falls into all this - and fashion definitely does fall into this. Fashion shows are a good example; the clothes are the art, and they are accompanied by walks that fit the concept, as well as music to tie it all together. Movies are another example; Sophia Coppola's Marie Antoinette would have been nothing special without the combination of a fabulous soundtrack, decadent costume, scintillating dialogue, and the deliberate movements of the actors. I love it. I believe all forms of art and creativity are connected in some way.

Instead of rambling on in this vein (as I am apt to sometimes do), I'd like to share the poem I wrote during today's workshop. Keep in mind that I had only a few minutes to jot something down. No edits or anything. The prompt was "I believe in," and when I read it out loud to the group, I was accompanied by drums and a trombone, as well as some dancing.


I believe in
the tune of the wind's fabric
as it whispers like silk
and trembles silver branches
across the sky.

I believe in memories
and faraway places
and the power of lost dreams
that fade hazy from inner depths
into smoky, ethereal wisps
of starlit cities.

I believe in
the peace that comes
in moments snatched from time
and moments stolen
and moments lost,
in forgotten alleyways
and untouched forests
and history that lives.

I believe in love
and hate,
but not evil.

I believe in twilight.

. . . And that was it. Applause not necessary.

What fashion or art images do you connect with that poem? I think of these images that have been inspiring me lately:

Picture sources (in no particular order): Beautiful Things (a current obsession), Foto Decadent, Vogue Girl Korea, and a Sonia Rykiel ad from the most recent online V Magazine.

What music do you think of? I suppose I think of the dreamy sounds of Eisley.

What kind of dance/movement? I picture graceful awakening from slumber and little girls spinning circles in the rain.

Aahh, I'm in a dreamy mood today. . .

Side note: Am leaving for my grandma's house tonight. I don't know whether I'll be able to blog there, but normal posting will resume Monday. I have a surprise coming in on Sunday, though, and I'm super-nervous/excited! I'll share it as soon as I can. I'd like to wish my fellow Jews a happy Passover! Choke down that matzoh with some good old Manichewitz! (Actually, don't. Manichewitz is gross.)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Highly Waisted (No, not like that...)

I'm back in the swing with the outfit posts, I think! Here's what I wore to school (and then out for sushi and an after-dinner latte with the fam) on Monday:

♥ American Apparel v-neck tee
♥ Jovovich-Hawk for Target high-waisted skirt
♥ Forever 21 knit leggings
♥ Combat boots from Kohl's
♥ Wet Seal bomber jacket
♥ Thrifted messenger bag covered in vintage protest pins

Okay, so the outfit is nothing special, but it's still way different from what I've seen on people at school. The skirt, which I got on sale this weekend, is my first high-waisted item. I've never seen anyone my age in this area wearing a high waist, but since when do I dress like everyone else? It seemed like a nice place to start because it's not too high. Plus, it was cheap. I've been wanting a denim mini for ages, because they are pretty convenient when it comes to going with everything, but I didn't want the basic kind every teenage girl has in her closet. I'm happy with this one!

The denim messenger bag is my school bag that I lug around books in every day, but I don't think I've shared it here before. I love it!

On a different note, I'm sorry all the pictures a take are so obnoxiously blurry. I don't know how to get my camera to focus on me - and not the wall or whatever - when I use the self-timer. It's so frustrating! Any suggestions? I'm not so tech-savvy, but I will tell you I use a Canon A610 if that helps with the camera advice.

I hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine! I'm off for a walk with my dog in my Jovovich-Hawk Grecian top and floral Old Navy cardigan (worn open.) And pants, of course. I'm not whore.

P.S. I forgot to mention that I noticed a Forever 21 coming in at my nearby mall! I'm sooooo excited! Although I frequent the Forever 21 website, I've never actually set foot in the store. Hallelujah!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Good Weekend & Sailor Shorts

Hello, grasshoppers!

How was your weekend? Mine was fairly delightful. I went to an estate sale Saturday morning and spent quite a few minutes rifling through an interesting array of vintage clothing, shoes, and purses. I came away with nothing, but was tickled to see that the newest issue of Teen Vogue (which was waiting for me when I came home) featured an ensemble by Proenza Schouler that looked exactly like one I had dismissed at the estate sale. Go figure. It was actually pretty ugly, though, and not in a good way. The night was spent in the company of some of my favorite girls, giggling and sharing secrets. And then today I went to Target to check out the newest GO collection by their in-house designers.

My reaction? Eh. The fabrics, which tend to be bordering on cheap in every GO collection, were pretty abysmal. I could tell just by looking at the clothes that they were cut in unflattering ways. The only item I tried on that I actually liked was the linen high-waisted skirt in steel with metallic coating, but it didn't seem worth the $30+ price tag. Still, it was pretty cute, and I think it would be an excellent way to look stylish at the office if paired with black pumps and a blouse. A warning, though - go up a size! I'm sometimes a 3, mostly a 5, but I was a 7 in this skirt.

Speaking of skirts, I did manage to score a Jovovich Hawk high-waisted denim mini skirt that was on sale.

I haven't done a good job documenting my outfits or clothing purchases lately, mostly because I've been both busy and utterly exhausted. Not to fear, though - I did a little modeling today. Behold my new (as of last weekend) denim sailor shorts!

It is love. I can wear them like a Navy darling:

Shorts: Paris Blues (TJ Maxx); top: a shop in Toronto; tights: TJ Maxx; shoes: swap; headband: H&M

Or I can wear them with my own strange twist:

Shorts: Paris Blues (TJ Maxx); top: Forever 21; tights: swap; flats: Nina (DSW); flowers: self-made

I don't know what I was going for here. Circus-sailor-dancer chic? Ah well. It works, I think.

I possibly just made a complete fool out of myself. Don't say I never do anything for you!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Fashion Inspiration: Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo is someone I've known about for a really long time. Her self portraits have always been recognizable to me by the uni brow painted in over that steely gaze. I think my Spanish teacher once told me she was a Surrealist when we studied the murals of her husband, Diego Rivera, in class. But apart from that. . . well, I was a bit fuzzy about the details of her life, her artwork, and who she really was until I picked up her biography the other day.

It was fascinating.

Frida Kahlo was an incredibly strong, intelligent, and passionate woman. She was always looking to make a statement. She loved politics and celebrities and her (unfaithful, womanizing) husband Diego. And she loved herself.

She was in constant pain her entire life, which makes her accomplishments all the more amazing. My Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has been a real source of misery, but I can't even begin to imagine what Frida suffered. She was struck with Polio at age 6, and after an agonizing year or so, was left with a shriveled leg and foot that plagued her mercilessly. Then, as a teenager, she was riding a bus home from school when it was struck by a trolley, giving her many serious injuries that would never fully heal. Her marriage to Diego Rivera gave her ample money and a leg up in the art world, but his constant womanizing (including an affair with her own sister) took a huge emotional toll. From what I understand, she was often incredibly unhappy.

Now that's what I call bad luck! I think it's amazing that she did what she did with so much working against her!

The reason I'm posting about Frida on my fashion blog is that it turns out she was quite the fashionista! She took great care with her dress, wearing the tehuana skirts favored by peasant women at the time to show her communist/pro-Mexican sympathies. But still, she accessorized with roses in her hair, rings on all fingers, large earrings, red lipstick, manicured nails, and all kinds of opulence. Sometimes she would wear men's suits as well. Later in her life she was featured on the cover of Vogue Paris (I searched endlessly for a scan of this, but couldn't find it), and she was even the inspiration for a dress made by Elsa Schiaparelli. Even half a decade (give or take) after her death, her influence still reigns in the fashion world. For example, Jean Paul Gaultier designed an entire collection based on her style in '97, and included a look that clearly drew inspiration from the corsets Frida had to wear to support her spine in his 30th anniversary collection.

Anyway, here is a collage of the exotic, glamorous Frida Kahlo and her dazzling style:

I think she was so gorgeous! The dresses at the bottom of the collage actually belonged to her.

Here are some more modern fashions inspired by Frida:

Note the Gaultier corset dress I mentioned earlier near the bottom left. Beside it is a painting of Frida (I forget who the artist is) in Dior couture! And I'm a fan of Gwen Stefani's flowers-in-hair homage to Frida in the upper center - so fun!

Frida Kahlo loved to be the center of attention, so I think she would be happy to know that she is still so prevalent in the fashion world. Viva la Frida!

For more fashion 'n Frida: Icons from the Past: Frida Kahlo on the Fashion Spot; Frida Kahlo: Beauty Icon on Style.com; Dress like Frida! Frida Fashions; Salma Hayek as Frida Kahlo in Vogue; Self Portrait in a Velvet Dress: The Fashion of Frida (a book I would dearly love to read); Frida Kahlo-inspired Fashion Collections; Online Frida Paper Doll.

Phew! I got a little carried away there! Enough links for ya?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Formal Wear & Glasses

A recent comment: "Can you do a post on glasses worn with semi-formal / formal wear? I can't wear contacts, and while I think my glasses look fantastic with normal wear, I feel that I look weird wearing them with semi-formal / formal dresses. It's so unfair that guys look hot when they wear glasses with their suits, but girls are expected not to wear glasses with their formal wear!!There's this formal event coming up and I'd like to look good in my dress and glasses. Any suggestions / thoughts on this?"

Aha! A problem that has plagued me quite a few times! I'd be happy to help you out, lovely!

First of all, I'd like to point out that our society seems to have developed an unfortunate misconception that "guys look hot when they wear glasses with their suits, but girls are expected not to wear glasses with their formal wear." I'm not saying that I haven't felt the weight of this idea when slipping into a fancy dress, but I think that it needs to be reconsidered. For many people, glasses are as much a part of their face as their mouth or nose. You wouldn't get rid of your nose for prom, would you? So why get rid of glasses?

Still, I think there's something to be said for picking a dress that works with your glasses, or vice versa. Just like you might buy a gown in a color that brings out your eyes, it's a nice idea to consider how your glasses will look as part of your outfit on a formal occasion.

Of course, I have come up with some ideas for how to do this through some internet sleuthing. Watch and learn, baby!

Here we have some examples of how gosh-darn amazing it can look when you match your glasses to your dress. That Dior ad has been dancing around my head for months, and not just because Jessica Stam happens to be gorgeous. The glasses and the dress compliment each other perfectly, both drawing attention without stealing it; the two outfit components share the spotlight magnificently. Take note - try buying a dress in the same color as your glasses~

Next we have some instances where the glasses, while paired very nicely with pretty dresses, are the focal point of the outfit:

Whether it's the fact that the frames are large, or that their color is in high contrast with the dress, the glasses steal the show in these pictures. Nerd glasses aren't universally flattering (and it's very unlikely that you own them), but I do like how the way the black stands out from the white in the Dior ad, and the way the red really pops on the upper right. To give this look a try, go for a dress that is radically different in color from your glasses.

Last but not least, we have the formal wear-with-glasses technique that has been serving bespectacled women for years:

There's really no trick here, no special method. Your glasses are already flattering on you, correct? I mean, I assume you wouldn't have bought them otherwise. So how could buying a flattering dress to pair with flattering glasses go wrong? There are some instances when this idea is tricky (pairing flattering pants with a flattering shirt doesn't always work), but I think you're pretty safe in this case. The fashionable women above (two fashion magazine employees, one gorgeous actress by the name of Sophia Loren, and one wardrobe_remixer) seem to have taken this route, and they still manage to look fantastic.

The bottom line, I think, is that wearing glasses with a formal dress is a lot easier than it seems. Play with matching and contrast if you want to, but don't get too worked up about it. It's better to end up with a dress you love that doesn't match your glasses than a dress you're not too keen on that does. Savvy?

Oh, and if you're wondering about whether getting an updo for this event will look alright with those glasses, worry not. Bridget Bardot (below) demonstrates the beauty of this look.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Not Yet Worn

It seems I've always known of zines, but for some reason I've never even set eyes on one before. I should be the target customer for a zine, right? I mean, I love reading everything from poems to short stories to philosophical articles, I take delight in beautiful artwork, I don't have a lot of money to drop, and I find the idea of making one's own mini magazine to be empowering.

I'd say it's about time for me to get in on the zine scene.

Ack, sorry for the rhyme. I couldn't resist.

I have a particular zine in mind:

Worn Fashion Journal enticed me first with its scintillating artwork.

When I managed to get my hands, which were furiously scrabbling for my credit card, under control, I read a little bit about the Worn. To give you an idea of the content, the most recent issue includes "Toile de Jouy textile, Elsa Sciaparelli, Countess de Castiglione, feminisim and fashion, origami shirt instructions, some great illustrators."

"Worn plays a unique role by bringing a political, environmental, historical and cultural context to fashion. Pushing boundaries of collaboration and authorship with fashion magazine tropes like the photo story, Worn expands traditional relationships between models, designers, writers, photographers and illustrators. By exploring where art and fashion overlap, connecting with Fashion scholars and artists, and paying attention to how what is worn gets made, interpreted, transformed, disseminated and copied, Worn opens new avenues in art theory. "

"Worn issues appear twice a year, in fall and spring, but our content is not time driven. We don’t discuss the newest collections or the latest trends, but perfur to take an more encompassing look at the whole of fashion. Consequently, our subject matter does not stale date and back issues will be as interesting in five years as they are today."

Sounds glorious, right? I love the concept!

I consider it a miracle that I have been able to hold off on buying an issue while I write this post. It won't be long until I crack.

To learn more about Worn, purchase the zine, or even write for it, head here. Please note that all quotes and pictures from this post originated from the Worn website.

Do you read or contribute to zines? What are your favorites? I'd love some recommendations!

Provocative Dressing

"To Vivien dressing was almost a religion, a ritual. On rainy days when everybody wore mousy or moth-eaten clothes she came out in a shining and vivid raincoat. She dressed in defiance of the elements rather than in submission to them. Anita could see that her dressing was almost a provocation to calmer inhabitants; things were bound to happen to Vivien, different things than happened to most women, she was always so dressed for it, for the unexpected, the adventurous. Her dressing roused in people an uneasiness similar to the feeling they had when looking over trip literature and pamphlets, a kind of wanderlust, a desire to flee from the familiar and the conventional. Whatever the stage possessed that enslaved the imagination Vivien had applied to her daily life. Between her setting and costume, and the homes of other women and their costume lay a pit as wide as the orchestra pit in the theatre, and spotlights such as she directed on herself found her audaciously keyed up, as they found the professional actress."

- Anais Nin, "The Slippery Floor," Waste of Timelessness and Other Early Stories

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Glasses 101

Glasses are pretty amazing, if you think about it. First of all, they can make half-blind people (I sadly include myself in this category) see. How cool is that?! We take it for granted most of the time, but it is a pretty fantastic thing. Also, as you can see in the above picture, they can transform a person's face, thus changing how the person is perceived.

Which just goes to show that when you buy glasses, you better be pretty damn sure that they look good on you and send the message you want to send. Remember; many glasses-wearers take their specs off only to sleep. If you are one of these people, keep in mind that the glasses will be a semi-permanent part of your appearance - which means you better like them. They can be hugely expensive, once you add on the cost of the lenses, so it's not like you can trade your pair in for a new one on a whim; unless you're really rich, it's best to buy a pair that you know you will still love years from now.

Yep, it's difficult to buy glasses. It can be hugely overwhelming to stare at racks upon racks of frames, wondering which of the hundreds of pairs will be your miracle pair. Where do you start? What should you try on? How much should you spend?

Not to fear, dearies. I've got your back.

Let's start by discussing my glasses.

Above you will see my glasses in all their glory. The pictures have been hanging around on my computer for ages, hence the intact pixie cut that is no longer. Please note that the scarf-and-hat combo on the left was a joke. No, I did not actually think it looked good.

Anyway, I love my glasses. They are a source of constant compliments, and even though I've been wearing them for years, I'm still not sick of them.

Let's talk about why they work for me:

They flatter my face. I have such a small face and such pale skin that the biggest issue in glasses-hunting was making sure that the frames didn't overpower me. I originally wanted chunky black frames, but some experimenting showed that black was too dark for the skin, and thick frames covered too much of my face. Brown was a much more flattering color for me than black. As for the shape of the glasses. . . well, I'm not going to lie and say that I know exactly why it's flattering for me. All I know is that the relatively small size of the frames helped keep my face the focus, not my glasses.

They are unique. I didn't want something too out-there, but I did want my glasses to be fun and funky. The shape of the glasses is semi-unique, but what I really like about the glasses design is that there is a gap between the lenses and the frames on the sides. I have never seen another pair like this, which I love. The glasses make anything I wear look kind of "alternative" - a plus for me, since I don't like to look like everyone else.

They are versatile. For me, since I planned to wear these every day, I needed glasses that would look good with anything I wear. Because they are a nice, neutral color and not too wild, I can wear them anywhere and everywhere, and they don't restrict my clothing choices in any way.

Alright, so what can you learn from my little glasses bio? I'm hoping that it will give you an idea of how to go about searching for your perfect frames. For example, here's a good way to begin:

♥ Before you hit the stores, think about what you want from your glasses. What styles do you like? Observe people and do some internet research to decide. Do you want to wear your glasses for a long time? If so, it might be safer to look for pairs that are relatively simple, so that you don't have to worry about them going out of style. How much do you want to pay? Give yourself a price limit ahead of time. Write a list of the things that are important to you.

♥ Now it's time to shop! Head to the stores, list in hand, and try on some frames that meet your criteria. Pay attention to what looks good (it may be a good idea to bring a friend for a second opinion.) You may need to make some compromises in the name of flattering your face (in the way that I had to forgo the chunky black frames), or you may decide that you like a style enough that you don't care how it looks on you.

♥ It's best to look through several glasses stores before making a decision. Because each store boasts different stock and different sales people, you may find that your taste has changed over a couple of days of shopping. This happened to me when I bought my first pair of frames; after a few days, I went back to the first store I had gone into, and was shocked to find that a pair I had been lusting after was no longer enticing to me. Go figure! It's safest to give yourself some time.

♥ Think you've found your miracle glasses? Have you given it a few days, and they still give you that shivery "I've-found-the-One" feeling? Buy 'em! Then stare at yourself in the mirror for hours, try your new glasses on with all sorts of different hairstyles, and go out to show off your hot new look! Stylin' glasses are fun - so have fun with them!

Here are some girls looking amazing in glasses, just in case you need inspiration.

Fierce! Big frames, small frames, candy colors, neutral colors, chunky, thin, nerdy, cool - they all look amazing! The lesson? Any style of frames can be super-stylish and pretty, as long as they are right for you!

Don't need the glasses but still crave the look? Forever 21 is currently selling two pairs with clear lenses (1, 2), as is Urban Outfitters (they are called readers but have no magnification.)

Do you wear glasses? What do you think of them?