Friday, April 4, 2008

Not Yet Worn

It seems I've always known of zines, but for some reason I've never even set eyes on one before. I should be the target customer for a zine, right? I mean, I love reading everything from poems to short stories to philosophical articles, I take delight in beautiful artwork, I don't have a lot of money to drop, and I find the idea of making one's own mini magazine to be empowering.

I'd say it's about time for me to get in on the zine scene.

Ack, sorry for the rhyme. I couldn't resist.

I have a particular zine in mind:

Worn Fashion Journal enticed me first with its scintillating artwork.

When I managed to get my hands, which were furiously scrabbling for my credit card, under control, I read a little bit about the Worn. To give you an idea of the content, the most recent issue includes "Toile de Jouy textile, Elsa Sciaparelli, Countess de Castiglione, feminisim and fashion, origami shirt instructions, some great illustrators."

"Worn plays a unique role by bringing a political, environmental, historical and cultural context to fashion. Pushing boundaries of collaboration and authorship with fashion magazine tropes like the photo story, Worn expands traditional relationships between models, designers, writers, photographers and illustrators. By exploring where art and fashion overlap, connecting with Fashion scholars and artists, and paying attention to how what is worn gets made, interpreted, transformed, disseminated and copied, Worn opens new avenues in art theory. "

"Worn issues appear twice a year, in fall and spring, but our content is not time driven. We don’t discuss the newest collections or the latest trends, but perfur to take an more encompassing look at the whole of fashion. Consequently, our subject matter does not stale date and back issues will be as interesting in five years as they are today."

Sounds glorious, right? I love the concept!

I consider it a miracle that I have been able to hold off on buying an issue while I write this post. It won't be long until I crack.

To learn more about Worn, purchase the zine, or even write for it, head here. Please note that all quotes and pictures from this post originated from the Worn website.

Do you read or contribute to zines? What are your favorites? I'd love some recommendations!


Retro.Bunny said...

I actually met one of the editors/co-founders of Worn this year! It's a great 'zine.
MTL Represent! ;D

susie_bubble said...

This looks fantastic...thanks for the recommendation...

The Clothes Horse said...

Scintillating is indeed a great descriptor of these images.
I still like a paper mag in my hand though, maybe because I enjoy cutting them up so much...

Kori said...

retro.bunny- How cool! It must be hard work to create a zine...I bet you had such an interesting conversation!

susie_bubble- No problem! It does look fantastic, that's for sure...

the clothes horse- Worn is an actual, solid mag, so not to fear! I love cutting them up as well:)

Retro.Bunny said...

Yeah, she was really great. I love how people can also contribute to this, without being a part of the staff.
(I mean, you can review good indie boutiques in your city/area, and then send it to them to review for publishing... or that's what I heard...;D)

Lulu Bel's Fancy said...

Oh this looks like it would be a good read. I can't wait to try it out--the concept is a GREAT one----thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...


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