Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Springtime Frolic

I bought a few new things while on a mini-shopping spree with my Bubbe on Long Island.

Because today is vacation and the weather has been beautiful, warm, and sunny, my friend Katie and I spent a lazy day walking in the woods, picnicking, and chatting about all sorts of nonsense. I managed to drag her out into my backyard to get a few good shots of some of my new gear, instead of the shoddy indoor ones I normally take with the self timer.

We had fun!

Here I am modeling my new shirt from H&M, my Jovovich-Hawk skirt, and some shoes I just bought for under $10 at Steve & Barry's. The shoes were from the SJP line, and are surprisingly cute! The collection is known to be plain, but these wedges feature studs and a heel that is just short of four inches - which is far from plain. I am surprised I can walk in them without wiping out. I wouldn't call my walk graceful, though. More like pitiful.

It feels very spring-like, no? Bare legs and flowers all the way! Actually, I'm a little uncomfortable in such a short skirt without leggings or tights, but I tried to balance it out with a baggy top. The studs on the shoes hopefully toughened up the look a bit and kept it from looking overly girly.

Speaking of the shoes, here is a close-up of them:

Ignore the smudge of dirt from my backyard frolic / photo shoot. Cute, right? Not the most comfortable, but good enough. They were somewhere around $8.50, after all.

Have you bought anything great recently? Do tell!


WendyB said...

Adorable pix!

sophia. said...

I love your blog. I only just found it but I've reading everything. I love your clothes. Keep writing :)

susie_bubble said...

That's the first I've seen of SJP's line.... looks better than I thought!

Leila said...

You look real pretty with the yellow flower! Oh Spring~ I'm lovin' it

As for great buys, hmmm I'm still waiting for the stuff I got in a spree to be shipped over. Remember the question of pink or black posed to you? It's one of the stuff I got. (:

Anonymous said...

Hey Koriiiiii
I am going to call you tonight but I thought I would catch up on your blog first. You should totally be on america's next top model. You would be the pretty awkward girl that takes really good pictures :) Anyways, I will talk to you soon hopefully.

Anonymous said...

so I just wanted to say sorry, I got tied up writing a paper, but also that I meant that you looked like the "pretty, awkward girl" not the "pretty awkward girl" who unfortunately got voted off tonight.

katie-lilga said...

gorgeous photos!

The Clothes Horse said...

I love the flower in your hair. I used to wear flowers in my hair all the time when I lived in HI since the position has meanings, but I've gotten out of the habit...

Dave said...

kori! i can't believe you never showed me this! my dad just showed me the article in the globe :) this is pretty awesome, and i just saw the poem you wrote in the workshop, and aah we gotta chat at some point soon cause i never see you anymore ;-)

Kori said...

wendyb- Thanks!

sophia- Aww, thank you!

susie_bubble- Most of it is pretty blah. These are nothing at all like the rest of the collection!

leila- Thanks! How did that romper turn out?

anonymous- Oh Lydia...

katie-lilga- Thanks:)

the clothes horse- Oh, that's so cool you used to live in HI! I'd love to see you post about the different flower meanings, as I'm ignorant to it but still fascinated.

dave- Ha, thanks! I thought I had showed this to you when we were discussing website design at some point, but maybe not...

Diabolina said...

cutie blog.

a new fan

bloggirl said...

Aw, this post is so fun! I love Jovovich-Hawk. I bought that bag they made from target...it's jean material and has gold sparrows on it? I love it!

I just wanted to say that I love your blog, and you're definitely an inspiration for me. I just started a fashion blog, but it has no readers and I don't really know how to like, get people to read it. It's movie fashions...like, looks for less. Anywho, feel free to check it out! It's nothing special, but keep in mind I just started it. it's http://cinemainspired.blogspot.com/

Kori said...

diabolina- Thanks:)

bloggirl- Oh, I wanted that bag! So cute, but I never did see it in person, only online. Am checking out your blog right now!

bloggirl said...

Omg thanks! Yeah, I was at Target here in Fort Myers, and there it was--all alone! So of course I snagged it! lol.

Thanks so much for even taking the time to LOOK at my sorry excuse of a blog! lol. I'd love your feedback!

aziza said...

I got an awesome leather jacket. I posted pics over at my blog. It's very Thriller. I love it.

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