Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I would like to take a moment to scream "Hallelujah!" and jump up and down with excitement. Why, you ask? Well, the ASOS sale is fantastic! Lots of pretty things at amazingly low prices. It's impossible not to find some things that you absolutely must have (might I reccomend these shoes?). For me, one of those things that I suddenly desire is the above dress. I don't understand this. I've never been into the whole skull craze...In fact, I usually wouldn't be caught dead in any sort of skull-boasting ensemble. So why do I like this dress? I suppose it has a girly-tough Luella Bartley kind of cool going for it, but I can't help but feel that buying it would be a major fashion mistake. And could I even pull it off?

Oh no. I'm already picturing it with black leggings and my bright green, pink-laced Chuck Taylor high tops. The situation is more dire than I thought.