Thursday, July 12, 2007

Always in Vogue

I think it's time to write about a truly inspirational lady- Edna Woolman Chase. She was the editor of Vogue from 1914-1952, put on the first fashion show (as a response to WWI), and started the Fashion Group International. She essentially jump-started the American fashion industry (before Edna, most fashion was in Paris). Also, she brought a lot of creative ideas to Vogue during her time there, such as Salvador Dali-directed photoshoots, art-deco covers, and lots of fashion drawings. And of course, she did it all with amazing class and style at a time when professional women were not as respected as they are today. Not only that, but the woman spewed out amazing quotes like there was no tomorrow:

"Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess."

"Fashion is general. Style is individual."

"The beaux and babies, the servant troubles, the social aspirations of the other girls seemed superficial. My work did not. I was professional. I could earn my own money, or I could be fired if I were inefficient. It was something to get your teeth into. It was living."

"Once Vogue showed two or three dresses for stout women, but we were so shaken by the experience we haven't repeated it in fifty-seven years. Today...we must acknowledge that a lady may grow mature, but she never grows fat."

"The combination of good taste and sound judgement is what counts. Taste may be a sort of instinct - good judgement is the flowering of sound thinking."

Good quotes, huh? If I can think of half as many intelligent things to say during my lifetime, I'll be thrilled.

I have one more quote left to share. (You should know that I spent some time hunting for these 'cause I am a dork and am totally fascinated by EWC.) But I just wanted to say that certain celebrities, and some, but not as many, non-celebrities, should take this quote into mind when dressing themselves.

"Women seem to have forgotten that men are lured by mystery. There is not much thrill left for them in the styles today."

I don't know about that, but I am all for a little mystery. It's time for the end of trashy dressing. All hail Ms. Chase!