Sunday, June 1, 2008

Must Write

I've been itching to write here for days, but a strange combo of business (as in the state of being busy, not the state of carrying a briefcase) and lack of access to the computer housing my photo-uploading software/scanner have put a bit of a damper on the whole posting schedule. I plan to remedy that tomorrow morning after the first of four (That's right, four) graduation rehearsals. Ughh, can you believe it? How hard can it be to don cap and gown, shake hands, and grab a diploma? I will attend the rehearsals because they are mandatory, but I refuse to be happy about spending any extra time sweating in black polyester.

Okay, rant over.

Current fashion-y activities:

♥ Watching the Sex & the City movie with a friend while dressed appropriately in a bright dress and tall Bitten SJP heels. Our fancy attire elicited some stares. . .

♥ Deciding said Bitten heels hurt too much to wear to an upcoming school event with my sleek back dress and spending hours shopping fruitlessly for better shoes. The right pair can be so hard to find!

♥ Combing through the magazine rack at Barnes & Noble. I discovered Eliza Magazine, which is a whiff of fresh air compared to all the "high fashion" found in other mags. Some of it's a bit plain, but I appreciate the real-looking models (there was even a "prego fashion" photo shoot!), non-slutty attire, and generally wholesome vibe.

♥ Trying these fabulous shoes at Old Navy. I love the style, and I think they look much more expensive than they are. They would be comfy, too, if only my calves didn't seize up after a minute in 4-inch heels. Oh, I am such a sucker for studs!

I'll put together a real post soon, I swear! With the promise of summer stirring sticky-sweet in the air, I can't help but put my fingers to the keyboard as I peruse sandals, bikinis, and leg-enhancing short shorts. . .


WendyB said...

Those Old Navy shoes are cute.

susie_bubble said...

Must check out Eliza....

vanessa said...

Are you promoting old navy? just kidding I love old navy! Cute and cheap and simple

Inez said...

Oh! Isn't Eliza great? I posted about that not long ago, too!

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