Tuesday, January 2, 2007

About The Fashion-y Blog

The Fashion-y Blog started as a way to amuse myself during a long illness, but has since morphed into so much more than that. It is a place for me to put my ideas out into the world, a place for me to share my fashion inspirations and discoveries. It is a place where I can interact with other people who share my fascination with all things fashion to form a dialogue about world style.

The Fashion-y Blog receives around thousands of visitors a month and is fortunate to have a dedicated, charming, and fantastically stylish group of dedicated readers.

The blog has been featured in such publications as the Boston Globe.

New articles appear on the blog as frequently as possible, and I am constantly looking for ways to make them better and more innovative.

Want to advertise on The Fashion-y Blog? Contact me! Please note that I will only accept advertisers that promote things I feel my readers will care about. Also, I will not post about your product in exchange for money, although I will accept products for review.

I am always happy to exchange links with other blogs that I feel are relevant to this one.

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