Monday, January 1, 2007

About Kori

I am a twenty-year-old girl with an all-consuming love of fashion and writing. Reading is my first love; I have been known to guzzle several books a day on frequent occasions, and there is nothing more satisfying to me than poring over beautiful language and vivid characters. My love of writing began soon after I discovered reading - novels, poetry, short stories, essays, and of course journalism - I've done it all! When I finally discovered that I adored fashion, I was thrilled to combine my three loves - reading, writing, and fashion - into the making of The Fashion-y Blog!

I am a very visual person and find endless satisfaction in putting together clothing in different ways. Magazine photo shoots and fashion drawings are a source of constant inspiration and delight.

I hope to one day write for a living. Right now a job as a fashion journalist seems like the best fit. Working for a magazine like Teen Vogue or Nylon would be a dream!

As someone who has writing aspirations, I welcome freelance work! I spent a few months writing the fashion section of the (no longer existent) women's lifestyle website Got A Crush. My work has been published in the magazine Teen Ink, as well as being featured in newsletters and the Coutorture home page. I spent almost two years writing the column "Fashion Fingers" for Jitterfingers, a social networking site for teen girls, as well as churning out a freelance article for Daily Candy Boston. I have also interned in the editorial department at Boston Magazine.

I am also willing to do product reviews. Please note that I am honest in my reviews and will not give something a positive review unless I really like it.

I am happy to recieve emails from my readers. Do you have a question (fashion-related or otherwise) for me to answer? A link exchange request? A burning desire to strike up a conversation? Bring it on! I'd love to hear from you!

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