Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ebay and the Magic Blazer

I just purchased a Luella for Target blazer for 99 cents on Ebay! It arrived yesterday, and I am thrilled with how versatile it is. As demonstrated above I can wear it:

♥ The way I feel it was meant to be worn, over a t-shirt with skinny jeans.

♥ With a sort of menswear-inspired look.

♥ With a sort of schoolgirl-inspired look, a la Gossip Girl.

♥ With a sort of Balenciaga-inspired look.

I'll admit I didn't have a lot of time to take these pictures, hence the less-than-perfect outfits and slight fuzziness, but I'm still awfully pleased with the blazer. And at 99 cents, I'm feeling very proud of my bargain-hunting skills.