Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bored? Why Don't You...

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1) Take a few minutes to sign a petition demanding that President Bush and the UN Secretary-General take steps in ending the killing in Darfur.

2) Buy a pair of ruby slippers. Just to feel like you're over the rainbow. (I promise to stop obsessing over The Wizard of Oz after this week). Get them here or here.

3) Get ready to celebrate International Dress Up Day.

4) Plan a dream vacation and promise yourself you will go on it evenutally.

5) Participate in the Free People travel-themed craft swap.

6) Bake cupcakes! Or buy them, if you are a disaster in the kitchen. (You can never do this too often.)


Oh, and if you are doing the Free People swap, I just have to say that I started making my swap piece and it is fantastic (Modesty is not my thing), so hope that you get me as a swapping partner!