Monday, April 16, 2007

Clothing and Memories

Ughh. This has been the worst week for blogging ever. Seriously. First my computer broke, then I spent a day in bed with an excruciating headache, and then the power went out. Well, I'm here now so here's the first post in a while.

One of the many things that I love about clothes is their power to evoke memories. You might be reminded of an amazing party by your little black dress, or that time you had to walk 20 blocks with your feet in pain by those killer yellow heels. A t-shirt that says "I'm tight like spandex" (and yes, I have actually seen this shirt) may remind you of rowing on the high school crew team. A poofy pink dress worn by some unfortunate little flower girl might remind you of Glinda from The Wizard of Oz. And so on. What spurred this rant about clothing and memories, you might ask? Well, take a look at the picture below.

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I was scrolling happily through the Urban Outfitters website when I came across a Betsey Johnson Martini Bow dress. Immediately I thought of a very similar dress, worn by Julia Roberts in the movie Mystic Pizza. You see?

What's so fun about finding an article of clothing worn in a movie is that you can play dress up all day long and no one else will be the wiser. I'm not suggesting you go out and buy that Betsey Johnson dress, because it is both expensive and unattractive (in my humble opinion), but if your taste says go for it, then by all means do whatever floats your boat. Personally, I have been planning to buy a pair of sparkly red shoes (the ruby slippers, people!) and a girly blue dress and spend the day dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. And yes, I am kind of obsessed with that movie.


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Eric said...

I love that idea. I need some ruby slippers. And I agree, that dress is nothing special, but it is interesting to see how women's clothing reminds us of all sorts of different things.

aprons for women said...

totally agree with what you said... but did you notice that clothes just somehow rotate? i mean from the past woman wear long skirt and when it comes to year 2000's less women wear it but now in 2011's many again wears it.

VanityofVanities said...

"And yes, I am kind of obsessed with that movie."

haha. Indeed, clothes could bring out memories from our past,either those which we had experienced or those that we had seen or heard. Thanks for the share. I actually love the way Julia Roberts wear that dress, eh.

Cathy@digitize embroidery