Wednesday, February 27, 2008

25 Things to Do With Fashion Mags

I just wrote an article for Got a Crush, and I had so much fun writing about it (it really got my creative juices flowing!) that I feel I have to share it with you.

Anyway, here is the article:

"25 Things to Do With Fashion Magazines

by Kori Perten

A lot of people are of the opinion that regular magazines are being usurped by blogs and online magazines. I strongly disagree! I adore blogs and the online fashion world, but nothing can replace the glossy glory of a tangible fashion magazine.

Not convinced? Here are 25 great things you can do with fashion magazines.

1. Read them. Kind of a given.

2. Tear out your favorite pictures and hang them on your wall.

3. Get your favorite pictures blown up to poster size at a printing store and give them to your friends as gifts.

4. Paste pictures of your favorite trends into a notebook for fashion inspiration.

5. Cut them up and make a collage.

6. Cover thick bangles with words cut from a magazine and spread paint glaze over them for a glossy finish.

7. Make a magazine library full of your favorite issues.

8. Scan intriguing editorials and post them for discussion on the livejournal community foto_decadent (

9. Keep a folder full of articles that make you feel beautiful.

10. Fill a folder with articles full of things you plan to try; a healthier diet, tropical spa, or nail polish trick- anything that intrigues you! And then try them.

11. Write a blog that analyzes magazine photo shoots and styling.

12. Collect the little beauty samples that come in magazines. When you have obtained a large amount, put them in a basket and give them to a friend for pampering.

13. Photoshop your picture into magazine photo shoots so that you have an interesting background. Susie from Style Bubble ( does this regularly with great results.

14. Glue magnets to the back of words cut from magazines and stick them to your refrigerator.

15. Find vintage magazines in libraries and on Ebay to learn about the fashions in days past.

16. Keep a magazine in your purse to flip through in waiting rooms and (discreetly) during boring lectures.

17. Paste pictures you love to the top of your dresser and cover with glaze.

18. Submit a letter to the editor and (possibly) get it published at the front of the magazine.

19. Apply for a job or internship at your favorite magazine.

20. Sniff the inside of the magazine, because fashion magazines tend to smell delicious. (That’s not weird…)

21. Hide post-its with cute notes on them inside a magazine before lending it to a friend.

22. Study the poses of models in ads and photo shoots, then practice in front of the mirror. Switching between difficult poses can actually loosen and strengthen your muscles, not to mention the posing will make you feel like a million bucks. The posing may also make you feel slightly foolish.

23. Use magazine photo shoots as inspiration for your own photo shoots.

24. Wrap presents in magazine pages for unique wrapping paper. Recycling magazines like this is better for the environment than buying wrapping paper.

25. Swap your old magazines at places like

See? Fashion magazines can help you get in touch with your crafty side, define your personal style, and cheer up your friends. Plus, recycling them is good for the environment! I’m sure there are many other fashion magazine-related activities that I didn’t even think of, so be creative and have fun!"

Well, that was the article. At first, I just wrote down things I personally did with my magazines (I call myself an active magazine reader because my magazines always end up torn up and written on), but gradually I had to think more and more outside of the box. It was fun! Now I might have to go do some of these things.

What do you like to do with your magazines? Do you have anything you'd like to add to the list?


Anonymous said...

Is it odd that I do most of those things already? Yes it is...

Unknown said...

wow, all great ideas! i have to say, i keep an inspiration notebook, and each page is a mini collage of pictures from magazines. i might have to try some of your other ideas!

Marie-Kristine said...

wow, all great ideas! i have to say, i keep an inspiration notebook, and each page is a mini collage of pictures from magazines. i might have to try some of your other ideas!

Anonymous said...


I am new here and your post speaks to me. Being a fashion magazine addict myself. I used to collect a huge amount of magazines but now, my very new hobbie is to tear my favourite pages and file them.

The new idea is to scan them all in order to free space in my appartment.I have already 15 CD of various pictures ( shoes,dresses, jewels....) but sttruggling with my addiction. The more i scan to get space, the more magazines i bring home...

But i am happy with my adiction and i have thought of the other suggestions you made about magazine. May be one day...

Anonymous said...

I'm super into making collages... I have them on the covers of all of my notebooks that I use for "the year." As in, each year I make one and inside I'll either talk about my life or write cute quotes etc. It's great. I have a whole giant yellow envelope that I have filled with magazine clippings that I can use for it, but most of the time I'll just cut right out of the magazine and put the clippings onto a notebook. I use spray glue as a base and then cold clear laminate folded over the edges. They make great gifts!!!

In case any other readers wanted some tips on it...

Anonymous said...

Yeah I also do those things too! But eventually I stopped. It's just too depressing that people in the magazine are quiet perfect. They make me think less of my self sometimes.

Anonymous said...








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white apron said...

me, i used old magazine and turn them into mosaic and sell it at higher price. :)