Sunday, June 10, 2007


Lately I've gotten into the habit of posting at least once every day, and it's a habit I'd really like to keep up. It's really incredibly easy for me to come up with a post each day, because usually I'll come across something fashion-related that I'm dying to tell someone about, and I write it here so that I can share it with people who appreciate fashion (unlike most of my friends and family). But for two days, I've found myself uninspired when it comes to writing posts. I've failed to find anything that I truly wanted to share. Two days may not seem like a lot, but for a girl who is usually excited about fashion several times a day, it is. Yes, I posted the day before yesterday, but it wasn't a post I was too happy with, and I couldn't bring myself to post again yesterday.

I bet you're wondering why I'm telling you this.

Well, here's the point. I have finally found the reason for my seeming lack of inspiration, and it is strongly linked to the fact that I've been working a whole lot on the novel I'm writing. I've been pouring all my appreciation for asthetics into the descriptive passages of my story. My characters aren't very concerned with fashion, although their clothing definitely mirrors their personalities, but the setting is very wild and beautiful.

Ok, I still haven't gotten to the point. I realize that. Sorry if I'm boring you.

It's just that, rather than post something uninspired, I'd prefer to post something inspired that isn't quite related to fashion, but is related to design. I'm not designing clothes, but I am designing another world. So I thought I'd give you a short descriptive passage from my story:

I stole across the lawn, bare feet padding steadily against the ground. My nose filled with the sweet smell of freshly-mown grass, and the trembling orbs of dew that adorned each slender blade flickered like a thousand stars as they reflected the glow of the full moon. I paid them no mind, treading gingerly while I approached the place where the plants grew wild, eyeing the chaos of twisted leaves and branches and feeling that trickster excitement grow in the pit of my stomach.

My main character is actually in her pajamas for this scene, but if I could be there, I'd be in a frothy white dress with bare feet and flowers in my hair. There's something about grass and dew and full moons that screams "white dress" to me. I believe I even made a post on the topic not so long ago.

Fashionable posts resume tomorrow, or today if inspiration strikes.

I hope you guys like what you read, because I loved writing it. And now I'm totally nervous about your reactions. It's way more nerve-racking to post my dreams than my thoughts. You can read the beginning of my novel here, although you won't find the passage I just shared. That passage was from the middle of the story, and since I'm writing out of order, it would be difficult for you to understand the rest of the scene.