Thursday, June 28, 2007

Some Linkage

Usually I do a post of links once a month and call it "Why don't you...", but I'm too lazy to make the picture that goes along with it.

Gala Darling posted about how EFT can help get rid of all kinds of ailments. I'm trying to use it to get rid of my 10-month-long illness (undiagnosed ailments are a bitch). I don't know if it's working, but I find the fact that I feel extremely thirsty every time I do it very encouraging, since it's a sign that EFT is affecting my body.

Fashionista posted a guide to pronouncing designer names. I'm thrilled because I've always wished one of those existed.

Urban Outfitters is having a sale on clearance! Check out the floral umbrellas on sale for under $10 - I think they're adorable.

Susie Bubble made it to the Topshop Charity Fashion Sale that I've been desperately wishing I could go to.