Saturday, June 23, 2007

An Interview with Kelly of I'm Your Present

I've decided to introduce a new kind of post. From now on, I'll interview Etsy clothing/accessory sellers, other bloggers...whoever I want, really....and feature the interviews on my blog every now and then so you can all join me in admiring their fabulousness. First up is the lovely Kelly, with her Etsy shop I'm Your Present. I always stop by to admire the wonderful things that she designs, makes, and sells - frilled playsuits, cupcake-printed babydoll dresses, blinged out fannypacks, kitten earrings, Barbie tote bags - generally everything cute. And as if I wasn't already convinced I wanted her for my best friend (C' could someone who makes dresses with cupcakes on them not be awesome), she was a total sweetheart to deal with. And, not to give anything away, she listed Francesca Lia Block's books as one of her inspirations. How fantastic is that? I've always thought that the Weetzie Bat books would make great inspiration for clothing, and I guess I was right. I think I'll stop gushing embarrassingly and just post the interview. Enjoy!

Do you do the clothing thing fulltime, or do you have a day job? FULLTIME! Lucky me.

What is your inspiration? Lots of things... I'm often inspired by weird things I find, like kitschy things from the dollar store or vintage toys. Lately it has been overly decorated frilly things, like valentines and cakes. Also... my friends because they are all hot and awesome and all have unique styles. Cute girls I see and want to dress... vintage dresses... childrens dresses... Female icons like Brigitte Bardot and Courtney Love... books by Poppy Z Brite and Francesca Lia Block... Designers like Heatherette, Anna Sui, Betsey Johnson, & L.A.M.B.

What kind of girls do you see wearing your clothing and accessories? Who do you make your clothes for? I mostly just make clothes that I would love to wear... which is really the only thing that makes sense to me. I think its bizarre when people make clothing or jewelry that they personally wouldn't wear. And it's nice being on Etsy because I can actually see the girls that buy my stuff! They are like how I thought they would be.... like me! They want to find things that are different, and fun and special... they are young, cute, have their own senses of style and a lot of the time are creative and make stuff of their own.

Is there anywhere people can buy your clothing and accessories besides Etsy? Right now you can buy my stuff at a place in Philly called the Conspiracy Showroom, and I sell a ton of stuff to Alley Antique in Korea (its a little out of the way, i know). I have a few other places in the works right now too, so by the end of the summer there should be at least 3 or 4 more.

I noticed you have a few fanny packs in the shop (which I love, by the way). Do you think fanny packs are making a comeback? Thanks! Fannypacks are the hottest. Actually one of the places I am in the process of making stuff for is, I have 4 in the works for her. I absolutely love making fannypacks, and would make millions except each one is so time consuming to make because of the way I have to sew them and the lining and everything. I think they are definitely making a comeback, which is great because you can't really find awesome ones around (as soon as i say this they'll probably be at Urban Outfitters) so I feel really cool when I rock mine and everyone else around me just has a subpar one from the Salvation army.

Anything else we should know about you or your Etsy shop? Let’s see.... not really. I did just open another Etsy shop though, which is a project my boyfriend and I started. We sell supplies... I think this is just an excuse to do more thrift shopping and to buy more wholesale vintage jewerly parts. But its fun to work on something together... We only have a few things listed so far but if you want to check it out:

Well, that's it for the interview. If you're not excitedly plotting outfits around one of those fanny packs, then clearly we can't be friends. It may seem shallow, but it's a rough 'n tumble world out there, and I just can't be too picky about who my friends are.

Okay, I'm kidding.

But I want a fanny pack! And a cupcake dress. I need to stop my random cheap purchasing long enough to save up for one of these handmade lovelies.
P.S. Is it just me, or is the formatting on this post weird? I can't figure out how to fix it...


Tamron Lohan said...

i too love this etsy seller!

Anonymous said...

Her stuff is gorgeous!!!

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