Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Vacation = Inspiration (heck yes, I can rhyme)

Hello, grasshoppers.
I've been having a pretty good time on vacation, I guess. I wish I had brought the cord that I need to download pictures from my camera to the computer, because the two houses I've stayed at are so tremendously inspiring and aesthetically pleasing. House A is beautiful, with millions of flowers and an ocean beach on the outside, and all these fanciful and creative things inside. I especially like this live potted tree growing in the living room, because it has several sparkling ornaments of butterflies and birds and it looks amazing. And I get a kick out of the fact that there are escaped parrots that have been nesting in trees outdoors for about 20 years, since House A is in Connecticut. House B is my grandma's house, and every surface and wall is covered with treasures from everywhere imaginable, as well as family pictures. It's this very organized jumble of antique English furniture, Persian rugs, Japanese theater masks, Buddha statues, paintings of Indian women collecting water, and the cutest collection of mushrooms ever. And about a million other things. The computer I'm sitting at looks totally out of place. I love it.

These houses make me want to dress to match them. House A's outfit would involve a long, flowy skirt, bikini top, and crystal flowers in my hair. House B's outfit would involve...well....anything international. A kimono. A sari. Turkish slippers. A sarong. A belly dancing top. Anything beautiful and intricate or with family memories attached.

I love being surrounded by things that inspire me. Do your surroundings inspire your fashion choices?

Oh, and a head's up- I might get to H&M and Steve & Barry's tomorrow, so if I do, I'll probably do a post on that. I'll try and take pictures of SJP's line for S&B, and of course I'll give you my opinion, but the photos will have to wait til I get home where that stupid cord is.