Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Check Out Them Socks

Knee socks and thigh-high socks are hot for this fall. I've made that abundantly clear. But what I haven't written about is funky, colorful socks, the ones that are good with color-blocked outfits and can make you look cool in a kooky sort of way. Susie Bubble has been experimenting with Prada socks and layering different lengths of colorful tights over one another, and I've been itching to try the trend. Prada socks aren't really in my reach, and I'm a bit too lazy and cheap to buy a bunch of tights only to cut them up. But check out these socks:

Great, right? The colorful dots are actually knee pads, and the socks are thigh-high. I love'em. You can also buy them striped. I think these will look so fun and unique with a black dress or a colorful dress and colorful tights. The $18 price tag is more than I would normally spend on socks, but I'm thinking they might be worth it. The purple and orange ones are the only ones available, but I don't mind 'cause they're my favorites. What do you think? Would you wear them?