Sunday, August 5, 2007

Janis Lives!

I recieved some sort of magazine called Fashion Rocks in my mailbox yesterday. It had a lot of great stuff, but I especially loved an editorial called "Janis Lives!" about Janis Joplin's unique style. It didn't seem to be available online, so I used my crappy scanner to scan a couple of the pictures for you guys. Hence the slightly blurry pictures. But it's great, right? The timing's perfect, because recently colored faux fur coats have been sent down the runway, and it's nice to know how to wear them if you're brave enough, which sadly I'm not. I can still appreciate the wonderfulness of Joplin's style, however, and now you can too. Click on the pictures to view a bigger version, although the first picture can't be enlarged for some unknown reason.


Candid Cool said...

I like that long printed dress.

The styling reminds me of Kate Hudson in Almost Famous

dianabobar said...

cute! I'd love to wear colored fur coats!!!

Anonymous said...

I also got this magazine.. well.. pulled it out of the recycle bin at school.. i got to this spread. I was just.. amazed. I love it all... and my favorite picture is the jeans and the giant pink fun coat. Im digging the glasses though :]]

Anonymous said...








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apron bibs said...

i love the pink and red one. Pink is good for hot weather it makes the person refreshed while the red is good for cold weather.

VanityofVanities said...

Wow! This is a wonderful collection of Janis Joplin's style and fashion. I really admire her guts and style, eh. Though, I wonder why she loved fur coats that significantly mean, that there are a lot of animals out there that were sacrifice just to have produced such coats.

Cathy@eye chart