Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Feelin' Spotty

My latest fashion-y desire? A leopard print skirt. Either pencil-shaped or a miniskirt. I don't know why, but I so want to pair one with black tights for the upcoming season. Done right, I think a leopard print skirt can look classy 'n sassy, but it's easy to wear the skirt in a way that will make you look decidedly trashy. I scoured the internet for non-trashy examples of how to wear the skirt - they were pretty hard to find, to tell you the truth - and here's what I came up with:

The last two examples are from Hot Topic and Urban Outfitters, but I think they're over-priced, so I'm gonna have to keep looking for my skirt. As for styling, don't you think that top picture is fantastic? I am so lovin' it.

Bring on the spots! Me-WOW!


the Grey said...

Indeed, so easy to go wrong. I think a longer pencil-shaped skirt (well, longer than a mini, I mean) would be easier to pull off. Actually, I can see it now, combined with that Nubby Twiglet tee you just got! :D

Kori said...

Ha that's just what I was thinking! Actually, the shirt is kinda what reminded me I wanted a leopard print skirt, because it just suddenly popped into my head that that would look great with it.

raven said...

The top picture is the best.

When doing animal prints, I think it's best to stick with the natural colours. And not do purple like the third girl. It seems a bit tacky.

Kori said...

I agree, although I do think the third girl did a good job wearing all things ladylike with the purple skirt and managed to work it out. Still, I don't think I would wear the purple.

MissMalaprop said...

I usually pair mine with some sort of black top and boots, like in . My skirt is actually bias cut, though it kind of almost looks like a pencil in that picture.

Kori said...

You wear that skirt well!

Ashish said...

I agree, although I do think the third girl did a good job wearing all things ladylike with the purple skirt and managed to work it out.

Mack said...

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to ‘Mutual Interpretations’! It is with much pride and excitement that I announce the arrival of a new style of agency in Australia.


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