Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pretty Shoes at Newport News!

Oh, joyous rhyming title, how you make my heart sing!

But on to some complaining...

I am very frustrated with Newport News. I ordered a swimsuit from their website in mid June, and it never came. Granted, it was on backorder, but I'm still annoyed. I recieved a message saying that it might take a month to arrive instead of the promised two weeks, and then about a week ago I recieved a message saying that the supplier had stopped making the swimsuit. Grrr. I'm pretty sure this was a one-time thing, but I would encourage you never to order something on backorder from Newport News.

That said, I think they've really gotten some nice shoes in for fall...

shake yo peep toe bootay
I usually find peep-toe booties to be kind of...well....dumb, because why on Earth would you want your toes to be unprotected in cold weather? But I love these ones. It would be worth it to wear them with thick knee socks and just suck it up (or sock it up...gotta love those bad puns...), especially since they're only $25.

boy meets girl
These are the perfect high-heeled oxfords (so hot right now)...if you can walk in them. Which I can't. But I can still admire their beauty from a distance. $29.99.

mary-kate would be proud
Yet another ankle breaker, but still so wonderful. These remind me of the Olsen twins' shoe choices. And at $39.99, they're a good deal.

care for some tea, ms. antoinette?
I would never wear these, but I'm loving the fact that they look like they just soared in from the past. I'm not really well-educated in terms of historical fashion choices, but I could picture these on the feet of some Victorian Lady, or perhaps Marie Antoinette. The right person could totally pull these off. $29.

fierce like tyra
Last but not least, these shoes are fierce. I don't usually like snakeskin, but the black and gold is so nice here. They would be fantastic with black tights. $34.

If I could walk in any of these shoes, I would be reaching for my credit card and giving Newport News a second chance. Sadly, my klutzy nature seems to be permanent.


Ivy Frozen said...

Love those rasberry pumps and I so would wear those!

Raven said...

I like the first pair with the buckles. The heel looks a bit much for me though. The red velvet ones are cute too, but not practical for my wardrobe :(

Anonymous said...

I love the first two pairs and i dun think they would be too high. I think they will look good with Joey Tierney's leather cigarette pants. check them out

M said...

wow, i honestly adore every pair! they're all so cute! check out my blog if you get a chance!

Lizy said...

Gr8..all the pairs of shoes luk gorgeous.. Heels will they be comfortable to wear.

Fashion said...

Hey brilliant blog!!!!!Fashion starts with Nike shoes....Got it?????

grace said...

Nice shoes collection.I like that last one shoes. Its stuff looks like a snake crust.

sparrow said...

I absolutely love the red shoes. I can't find them on Newport though... Do you still have the link? Maybe I'm just being an idiot. Very cute blog btw!

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