Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Dresses Have Fairytale Endings

When dresses have a certain ethereal, fairytale quality to them, I can't help but make up little fairytales about their wearers. For example, this (Armour sans Anguish) dress was worn by a girl in the Victorian era. She was an orphan who lived with a cruel aunt. She wasn't content to stay in her dank mansion of a home all day, and she hated her confining clothing. Whenever she got the chance, she would run out to the forest behind her house and play. One day, she got lost in the forest. She wandered around, tearing her dress on tree branches, and became more and more afraid as the night approached. The nymphs and fairies of the wood took pity on her, and they decided to help her because she had always left out little gifts for them when she played in the forest. They took her among them and led her on a magical frolic to the house of a kind old woman who made her home in the midst of the forest. The old woman was glad to see the girl, for she was very lonely, and she let the girl live with her. She hemmed the frayed remains of the girl's skirt, and the girl was happy because what was left of her dress was easy to run and play in. The girl and the old woman loved each other like grandmother and daughter, and they were always careful to leave gifts for the fairies during their daily walks in the woods. They lived happily ever after. The end.

This post was actually brought on by this post on The Coveted. I fell in love with the beautiful dresses pictured (To tell you the truth, the pale blue one had me instantly thinking about mermaids) and decided to post about my weird clothing fantasies. Fashion is so much more fun when you think about the stories behind the clothes. I had such a vivid imagination as a child, and it never really went away. Sure, I don't build "fairy houses" the way I used to, but I write stories, record my dreams, and wear clothing that suits my whims. It's a strange way of looking at life, but I like to embrace my childhood self 'cause she was damn creative. Plus, she dressed up every night for dinner, which is kind of a nice idea. I might re-introduce it.