Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fashion Show Extravaganza

Hello, readers, from the shiny shores of optimism!

Yes, I did just say something that corny.

As my health slowly improves, the gears in my head have been turning, and I can't help but throw myself toward new goals and take on new challenges. My most recent undertaking is putting on a fashion show at my school!

Why, do you ask? Well, first of all, there's a great local charity I helped out at a summer ago called Community Servings, which makes and delivers delicious food to people who have AIDS. The fashion show would raise money for this charity. Also, it's gonna be super fun!

My school has never had a fashion show before (not that I've heard of, anyway), and I'm a bit at a loss when it comes to my to-do list. I need to get some clothing donated or loaned, for starters, but I'm not sure who would be willing to do that kind of thing.

Soo. . . I thought I'd start by putting a shout-out here. If anyone is involved with a business that would like to donate (or loan) clothing, shoes, makeup, etc. to a good cause, then please shoot me an email! You would get exposure in the show, as well as in my coverage on this blog, and I would be eternally grateful. We can also discuss the possibility of placing an ad on the right-hand side of my blog for a few months in exchange.

It's worth a shot, right?

Also, does anyone have some advice to share? Have any of you put on a fashion show before?


WendyB said...

I wish I had something that worked for you, but you need GIANT jewelry for a runway show :-(

Kori said...

Oh, I wish so too - I love your jewelry - but you're right about it needing to be bigger... :(

makemoremistakes said...

My high school does a massive annual fashion show as a fundraiser for the local children's hospital, and I modeled in it for two years...however just being a model did not give me too much expertise in the arena =( What I would tell you though is to have someone who is in charge of each sort of "department" or "set" of clothes(depending upon how big your show's gonna be). Really strict organization seems to be the key...sorry I can't be of more help!

Btw I just found your blog and love it! Especially the post about pixie cuts- I just cut my hair from a chin length bob to a tiny short pixie and I LOVE it so much!!

Kori said...

Thanks for the suggestions, makemoremistakes! Depending on how big the show gets (which I suppose depends on how many clothes we can get a hold of...), that could be really useful.

Thanks so much! Pixie cuts are great...I miss my old one so much!

Alicia said...

I've also run a few charity fashion shows and I'd have to agree that planning to the point of annoyance seems to be the way to go. Along with that goes being able to let go when things don't go as planned.

On another note, in the shows I've run I've only ever used local or amateur designers including some of my own stuff which is not incredible and i don't have much of now, but would be willing to put together some things to donate if you go that route. Put out ads out at local universities, especially art departments, coffee shops, etc. You never know what you might find. Also, when you're using donations from an artisan you can auction off the items and have them made to fit the highest bidder as most fashions aren't made for most people.

Eboni said...

Hi Kori - I just left a comment on your previous blog, and read down to this one as well. I own an online boutique ( - and would LOVE to donate clothes for your fashion show. I'll shoot you an email shortly.

the Grey said...

Here's a suggestion: can you come up with some sort of a more or less general list of items you know you'd be interested in getting for the fashion show? Then we, your readers, could rummage through our overflowing closets to see if we have anything you need. I can't afford to ship a whole wardrobe to you - though given the fullness of my closet I could... - but I'd definitely be willing to send a small item or two!

Suggestion two: maybe you could auction off the clothes that are donated (as opposed to loaned) after the show?

Kori said...

alicia- Those are some great suggestions, thanks so much! I have a feeling our clothing will be from all different sources, and may include a few indie designer items at the end. I'll let you know!

eboni- Thank you! That would be GREAT!!! I just checked out your boutique, and the clothes are very cute; I know they'd look great on the runway:)

the grey- Hmm, I hadn't thought of that! Thanks for thinking of it (and for offering!); I'll talk to my co-fashion-show-planners to see what they think!

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