Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday Morning Musings

♥ A while ago, I mentioned that putting olive oil on my face has been a complexion life-saver. Let's just say most of you were skeptical, and I can totally understand why the idea of rubbing oil on the face made you recoil. However, here's a little Oil Cleansing Method explanation that gets a bit more scientific than I did. Maybe that will convince you! All I have to say is that olive oil gives me a major glow and gets rid of my blemishes. If it works, I don't question it. End of story.

♥ Speaking of glowy skin, I've just added bee pollen into my diet. It's supposed to be great for your skin (among many other things), so I'll report back with the results when I've given it a fair trial!

♥ I'm loving all these natural, good-for-you, cheap, & easy-to-use beauty treatments! Do you have any beauty miracles of the sort? I'd looove to hear about them! Seriously, I want them in the same way that Veruca Salt wanted a pet squirrel. (and an oompa loompa, and a golden ticket, etc., etc. . . .)

This made my day. Just watch it and feel thankful for Queen Michelle.

♥ I want this skirt. It looks like it came straight out of a Teen Vogue editorial. So cute!

I still need help! Be a doll and donate a little sum'n sum'n for the models who will, without your assistance, be forced to walk down the runway in their birthday suits. Of course, you'd also be helping people with AIDS and promoting your business, but let's put the focus where it's most important. Ahem.


anastasia said...

here's a simple treatment for your heels: in a baby food sized jar fill 90% with brown sugar or sea salt, top off with an oil from a fruit or nut (i.e. almond, kukui nut, olive) until it just covers the sugar, add 3-4 drops vitamin e oil for preservation, and 5 drops of your favorite essential oil. this is a great scrub to remove all of the dry feet skin after a shower, plus when you rinse the oil stays so it's also moisturizing. oils from fruits and nuts are similar in chemical structure and size to your own oils, so it moisturizes without irritating your skin, acne is a sign of sensitivity, thus you break out less.

Yourworst said...

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Eboni said...

Good morning!

Your tip about using olive oil (specifically extra virgin olive oil) is spot on! this has been one of my beauty secrets for like the past year! I remove my make up with olive oil, wash my face with ivory soap - exfoliate every other day, and moisturize with the olive oil. I also keep a spritz bottle in my shower caddy full of olive oil. i dry my body just a *little* bit and then spray down with the oil. my skin is AMAZING using this method!

Kori said...

Anastasia- Thanks, that's a great suggestion!

eboni- Agreed! Olive oil is amazing when it comes to skin!

kater said...

My mom used to make me eat teaspoons of local bee pollen for allergies. I much preferred local honey, but she seemed to think the pollen itself was best. Ugh.

Sadly, my favorite beauty secret is not particularly thrifty or natural, I think. I swear by A&D ointment. I think it's better than Vaseline, and I use it for ANY skin ailment ever. I use it to remove eye makeup and for dry irritated skin, as a chapstick, and to soften my feet. It's extremely soothing and works for pretty much anything, plus a gigantic tub of it lasts forever!

Leila said...

I exfoliate my body with sea salt once or twice a week, and it always makes me feel rejuvenated and my skin actually feels breathable. With exfoliation, our skin absorbs skincare products better too, hence, doubling its effect. ;)

Ok that aside, I need help too! I can't decide between a hot pink jumpsuit (shorts) and a black jumpsuit (shorts). I have most dark colored tees, so I was thinking hot pink. But black's so versatile at the same time. Hmmm I haven't worn like a hot pink piece of clothing whatsoever, and I'd like to experiment with colors. But I'm in a dilemma, should I go safe or bold?

p.s. I chanced upon your fashion blog and I've read page after page of your blog entries, and you're my favorite fashion blog to read. You give great insight, and you make fashion oh so poetic. I'm lovin' it! And yes your page is bookmarked. ;)

Kori said...

kater- Yeah, I'm not too fond of the taste either. I usually disguise it by mixing it into a handful of granola!

Hmm, I haven't heard of A&D ointment. I'll have to give that a try!

leila - So you just hop in the shower and rub sea salt all over your body? Explain please! I've been looking for a good body exfoliator for a while!

As for the jumpsuit, well, I'm a fan of bold, but I think the safest thing to do is to consider how much wear you'll get out of it. Will you barely wear it if you get the pink? Then get the black! Just think about it...

And thanks for the blog compliment! I'm blushing!

Leila said...

Hey Kori

Thanks for your advice, yea I guess I won't wear it as often as I'd like if I get the pink, so I'm getting the black! :) WIll get the pink when my wallet and mind is umm...mentally ready for the plunge. ;)

For the sea salt scrub, it is ideal to use it with some oil, I use extra virgin olive oil, the oil works like a lubricant as it'll be too abrasive for the skin to used the sea salt by itself. You can add a few drops of essential oil if you want some fragrance. I love adding lavender or rose essential oil with it.

I found a link that's pretty close to my exfoliating remedy. Here it is:

Scrub away~ (no more than once/twice a week!) :)

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