Saturday, October 20, 2007


Hello, grasshoppers. You are reading the words of a newly published author! I was surprised to receive a copy of the fall issue of Teen Ink in the mail today, and even more surprised to find that my poem was featured in it! I have a vague memory of submitting a poem a few months ago, but I never expected it to actually be picked! Excitement!

Here is the poem:

The Author by Kori Perten (me!)

The shadow of your voice is
ringing through the first gliding motion,
pen over paper,
drops bleeding memories on frosted panes.

Look out-
my reaching hands
hunger for your coiled words
and cut diamond melodies.

Give me your soul.

That clean path
of smooth seeping ink
glistens a tattoo across the
soft skin of your inner wrist

and drips sepia tears down your cheeks,
brings story to your lips .
Liquid smile.
Eyes that pull.

Your fingers radiate a
time-splattered story,
colors blending like
traffic lights through beaded rain.

Can you tell I'm thrilled? Even if Teen Ink failed to format my poem correctly. Get your own free copy of the publication here to see the work of many teenage poets and photographers, including yours truly.

I shall update you on my most recent shopping trip when my giddiness wears off.