Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I'm taking a break from Fashion through Literature Week to post some links that I've really enjoyed. I find it very unfair that there have been so many great posts and things this week, since I can't write about them without cheating on FTLW. That's right- if you find a link to your site here, you should be ashamed. How dare you write a good post this week? Was it so hard to wait until Sunday? Bastards.

- The wonderfully creative people at wardrobe_remix have been stylin' this week. My favorites: this outfit by tralfamadarling, this outfit byEuvie, this outfit by Iconoclastic, and this outfit by lebonbonmulticolore. Fantastic. I am amazed by what a strong sense of personal style these girls have. None of them look remotely similar, but they all look incredible anyway.

- The Coveted has the scoop on Cris Armijo, an up-and-coming designer. I've never heard of her before, but some of the quotes from her interview delighted me to the very core. For example, Cris talks about her alter-ego: "Cristalette is my alter-ego. The phrase “over the top” does not exist in her reality. She never asks her friends if she looks okay, and definitely never worries about an outfit being 'too much'..." and her plans for the weekend: "Tomorrow night I’m playing with my samba band at an SF high school senior prom. I’m really excited because I get to wear this amazing poufy fairy princess prom dress..."

- I discovered an Israeli street style blog recently. This makes me happy because Israel has so many different cultures and religious requirements, which makes for a huge variety of fashions. Also, the social requirements for wardrobe there are very different from in the US. For example, I had the opportunity to witness a reform Jewish boy's Bar Mitzvah when I was in Israel this summer. He wore jeans and sneakers. This differs greatly from the immaculate black suit and tie that my brother wore to his.

- Catwalk Queen wrote about a study that showed political views, opinions, and fashion choices among people today are extremely similar to those of 1967. Hmmm. Are we all hippys?

- I am seething with jealousy over this dress that was altered over at Kingdom of Style. Why do other people always get all the thrifting luck?

- Urban Outfitters is taunting me by carrying wonderful shoes that I can't afford. I'll take these in silver please, and these in blue, and these in gold. If I owned them, I could be jazztastic one day, (totally) 80's the next, and then celebrate the second summer of love with 70's platform wedges. I wish...