Sunday, May 13, 2007

21 Specials

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Has anyone been to lately? Well, if you have, you probably noticed a somewhat exciting change. There is now a 'specials' section where 21 items are discounted by 20% for one day only. These items change every day. The good news: Cheapness! The bad news: This introduces the dilemna of whether you should buy an item right away or hope that it will eventually go on special. Also, there are no returns on these items. I tend to overthink these kinds of things, which is why I'm sitting here with my laptop and pondering whether the Forever 21 change is good or bad news. I thinks it's good. But like I said, I tend to overthink things.

So why the picture of the zebra bracelet, you might ask? Well, it made me laugh. If I owned it, I would save it exclusively for sad or rainy days and wear it to cheer up. $12 at Lulu's Fashion Lounge.

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